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ABC Pathfinder Awards (Apr-WP)

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

PNA - Li Shermaine Cheuk Yin

Shermaine has been a very sweet and kind girl to have in the class. She enjoys taking care of her friends and always gives them a hug or holds their hands when they need comfort. She always helps teachers and friends put the toys and things away after playtime. She is also eager to learn and participate in class with enthusiasm. Keep up the good work, Shermaine!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

PNB - Li Yu Ki

Jiselle cherishes her teachers and classmates by being affectionate towards them. She enjoys the company of others and shows kindness towards her classmates when they offer her a helping hand. You are a delight, Jiselle!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

PNB - Kanesawa Taiga

Taiga has been a great addition to the class ever since he joined in. He greets all his teachers and classmates with a big smile whenever he comes to school. He shows eagerness and excitement in all his learning. Keep smiling, Taiga!

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K1A - Chan Sum Yee

Rainie has shown a lot of improvement over the course of the school year and we are incredibly pleased with her progress. She has become a more polite and thoughtful student who has been helpful to both her friends and teachers. You will often find her making sure our class toys are put in the right place and is always the first person to offer her help to anyone in need. We are very proud of you! Well done!

Certificate of Excellence – Cheerfulness

K1B - Tong Wang Hong

Blake always comes to school with a smile on his face and an eagerness to learn and interact with his classmates. His enthusiasm to participate in activities is contagious; he is great at encouraging his friends to join him in participating. He is happiest learning through music and dance.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K2A - Wong Hui Yan

Yan Yan is a very curious student who is eager to learn and try new things. He joined us in the second term, which can be challenging, but he adapted very quickly to our classroom and is already popular amongst his peers, who see him as a leader and are happy to follow his example. His work is always of a high standard, and he is a very confident speaker. Keep up the good work Yan Yan!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K2B - Ning Yaqi

Although Annie has only joined our school for a short period of time, she always listens attentively in class and tries her best in all activities. She is a determined girl who does not give up when faced with any challenges. She is an independent girl who has adapted to the school routines quite quickly.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K2B - So Chun Yu Canson

Canson has improved tremendouly in expressing his opinions to the teachers and being able to contribute ideas in class. He shows a lot more bravery to speak up about his feelings as well as trying out new things in front of the class. His confidence has also grown greatly this year. Keep it up Canson!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K3B - LIu Ho Ching

Martin is a pool of questions and answers! Martin drives our classroom discussions with his insightful questions and he also loves sharing his knowledge on many areas of his studies, in particular his in-depth knowledge of the many different cars around the world! If there is a car make and model, he knows it! Thank you for your lovely contiributions to our class, Martin!

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

PNA pm - Huang Tsz Yuet

Tsz Yuet is an independent girl in the class. She enjoys taking on new challenges and trying new things at school. She never hesitates to share her stories and ideas with her friends and teachers in the lessons. And now she is becoming more confident in participating in group activities and trying her best in every activity. Great work, Tsz Yuet!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K1A pm - Liao Ziqiao Joana

Joana is a wonderful addition and role model to the class and has been very respectful towards her friends and teachers. She patiently waits for her turn during class activities and is great at sharing our class toys with others. She listens intently to what her friends and teachers have to say and it has been great to see her lovely attitude encourage others. This has helped build a respectful and nurturing class environment for her and her peers.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K3A pm - Chen Wing Him

Ocean’s confidence has been progressing really well these past months. His presence is more apparent during class discussion as he never fails to listen in class and ask questions that are related to the topics being discussed. He is also not afraid to ask questions when he needs help or when he is unsure of something. It has been beautiful to watch Ocean grow with interest in his own learning! Stay curious, Ocean!


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