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ABC Pathfinder Awards (Mar-TK)

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

PNA - Lee Pak Wang Aston

Aston is a cheerful student and he really enjoys school life. He always shows a desire to learn by having fun in all the lessons. He can make everyone feel at ease by approaching them and socializing with them. Along with that he loves to help teachers to tidy up toys after the playtime. You have done a great job, Aston!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K1A - Cheung Tsz Yau Carina

Carina's confidence improved a lot and she lights up the classroom with her presence. She shows great interests in learning as she is always engaged in the class activities, particularly in writing and colouring. She does her best when she gets to participate and express her ideas and opinions with her teachers and fellow classmates. It has been truly awesome to see Carina flourish!!

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K2A - Ng Yik Wai Wayde

Wayde is a confident and focused student. He enjoys finishing his task with great accuracy. And with that, he is always ready to lead his classmates in finishing their tasks well too. He loves fulfilling his classroom and job and reminds others to do the same. He is an active participant in class discussions and takes initiative to include others in the talk. He is a great example to have in our class.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K3A - Tsang I Sen

Brighton shows great enthusiasm towards learning. He has great focus, follows instructions well and often raises up his hand to share his ideas in class. He shows eagerness to learn new concepts by asking the teacher questions proactively. Keep up the good work, Brighton!


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