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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 14)


The PN students were in for a surprise as their parents came to observe their classes and see how much fun they were having at school. The week continues to be about transportation where the children learnt about different kinds of Air Transport. They enjoyed pretending to be airplanes flying through the clouds around the classroom. For English, it was review time for letters U-V. Through mini-classroom games, the children got to test their literacy skills by finding objects in a basket and matching it to their corresponding letter. For Math, the students talked about one of their favourite shapes, the Heart. The children started using their fingers to make mini heart shapes and showing their classmates, showering them with love. More love filled the room as they used the heart shape to prepare cards and practiced singing some songs for their mommies for Mother’s Day. It was quite an interesting week for our young learners as they continue to enjoy learning happily at school.


It’s been so lovely having all our parents come into school for the Parent Observations and our Mother’s Day concert. For our Parent Observation lessons during Cambridge time, we looked at the different things we can think about when going to a party. We talked about what we can wear to a party, what food and presents we can bring and most importantly, tidying up after ourselves. In Critical Thinking, we spoke about a family member that is dear to everyone, our Mommies! We brainstormed ideas of what we can get for Mommy as a gift and took turns pretending to be Mommy and Child in a role play activity. We also worked on making our own little paper bouquet for our Mommies in preparation for our next Critical Thinking theme. For Math this week, we continued our sorting games and learned how to count to 16. Our Mother’s Day concert was a lovely way for us all to get excited for all our weekend festivities with our families and especially our Mommies. Wishing everyone a beautiful Mother’s Day!


It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday 14/5, and we’ve spent the week gearing up for our special concert on Friday. During the Critical Thinking lessons, each K2 class developed their own unique craft to present to their Mommies after the class performances on Friday as an expression of their love and affection.

We also spent time discussing why our mothers are so special to us, all the things they do to help us everyday and what we can do on Mother’s Day to let them know how much they mean to us. As a class, we read a story about Mother’s Day which emphasized the importance of just spending time together with our mommies and what sort of activities we could do as a family on Mother’s Day. This led to a lively and imaginative group discussion about what each student would like to do with their Mommies on Sunday.

During Maths lessons, we continued our practice of counting backwards from 50 – 21, and learned about telling the time on an analog clock with a focus on “half past”. Students drew their own hands on to pictures of clocks, and even took the time to make their very own paper clock.


Hello again everyone! Did you all have a superb week as we did here at ABC? We sure did! We loved singing and dancing for all the mommies that were able to make it to our Mother’s Day concert. The students were so excited to show you their singing skills! For our Critical Thinking this week we learned about a new figure of speech; it’s called a “simile.” It is where you compare two things using words ‘like’ or ‘as.’ An example would be “My mommy is as sweet as cotton candy!” In Maths this week we reviewed topics from previous weeks and continued to build upon our understanding of word problems. During our Physical Play time we worked on our gross motor skills with frog jumps, star jumps, and a little relay race called “The Penguin Shuffle.” We had a really fun time getting our bean bags into the hoops! We hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day this Sunday, and we will see all you back here on Monday!







1. 認識不同種類的船

2. 透過科學活動認識「浮與沉」

3. 享受製作母親節手工的樂趣






1) 認識不同的行人過路設施









1. 認識人類生活對地球的破壞和當中的影響

2. 分享旅遊的經歷

3. 討論愛護地球的方法

4. 學習垃圾分類






(1) 鞏固乘搭交通工具的禮儀及安全規則

(2) 能運用路線圖計劃乘車路線

(3) 樂於與同伴合作訂立模擬交通城

普通話兒歌 PN





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