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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 21)


It has been our second book week and we definitely had a lot of wonderful time with our PN friends and teachers at school! The storybook for this week is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and we were all very engaged in playing the fun games and activities about this book. At the beginning of the week, we were all excited to meet a very hungry little friend called Caterpillar. We had a chance to feed the caterpillar with different food and sort them into heathy and unhealthy food. We love our new friend Caterpillar so much that we also made a craft to make of this little friend! We picked up some green ovals and stuck them on the white paper to make the body, followed by drawing the eyes and legs on. For Physical Play, we had a real blast crawling like caterpillars and flying like butterflies with our PN friends. For English, we did the revision on letter K to O and we did an amazing job on matching the things to the correct beginning letters! It’s been a fruitful week and we look forward to more fun in July!


As we approach the end of the academic year, our K1s are enjoying our annual ‘Book Week’ where they will be exploring a different book each week. This week we read ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ together and had lots of fun discussing our takeaways from the story as well as exploring the concept of ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’. To wrap up our week on the story, we thoroughly enjoyed making bear sandwiches using peanut butter, Nutella, banana and blueberries on toast; what a delicious way to learn! In Critical Thinking, we wrapped up our ‘Under the Sea’ unit by speaking about the importance of keeping the sea clean. We delved deeper into this by looking into recycling our rubbish and we enjoyed learning about the different coloured recycle bins that we see everywhere. We played a game where we scattered ‘rubbish’ all over the classroom and the students did a wonderful job sorting all the rubbish into the different coloured bins; we hope they can practice recycling outside school. In Math, we tapped into simple addition with the concept of ‘adding one more’; it was great to see how quickly the students grasped the concept. It’s been a lovely week and we look forward to stepping into July! 😊


What another great week of learning. We started the week by learning a new question word, which is ‘Where..?’ Look around your house and ask your child where certain things are. They should be able to answer the question with either ‘It’s..’ or ‘They are..’ We applied this new concept in our workbooks to remember them by heart.

In Phonics lesson we played “Say the Sound”. Each card has a consecutive point and you get that point when you can say the sound correctly. Blue cards, 1 point, yellow cards 2 points and green cards 3 points. We’ve learned loads of sounds this year and new ones too that will help us when we are in K3.

In Math lesson, we learned a new concept of measuring how tall someone or something is. We brought what we learned in the classroom in our play area. We measured our friends with things we can find in the play area. Wow! Some of us are definitely much taller from when we started K2!


It’s week 21! Time has flown by so fast that it’s already the last week of June! Our K3 students have continued to learn more about the ocean zones. In this week, they have been introduced to the abyssal zone, which is even deeper and darker than the midnight zone! At the bottom of the sea, there are trenches, which are cracks on the ocean floor. Not a lot of animals can survive because it’s pitch black and freezing cold in there! We have also learned that some animals live in one zone actually dive down deeper to catch their food.

For Math, our K3 students have done revision on Time! We played games and made sure that we can tell the time using both analog and digital clocks! Every line on the analog clock means 1 minute, therefore each number on the clock is 5 minutes apart from each other!

We had such a busy week learning and practising our dances for our graduation performance. We can’t wait to show everyone the performance once we’ve perfected it! See you in July!






(1) 學習製作夏日消暑特飲

(2) 認識冷、熱的感覺

(3) 分享去沙灘的經驗










主題----「夏天」 來到「夏天」主題的最後一週。這週,老師帶領小朋友初步認識水的循環,並互相討論與分享節約用水的方法。像洗手後關上水龍頭。其次,夏天天氣炎熱,小朋友紛紛思考如何去避免中暑及暴曬。另外,本週延續上週繼續練習將「和」字應用在句子中,例如我喜歡…和…。



1. 初步認識水的循環

2. 能說出消暑及防曬的方法

3. 認識成語「天衣無縫」的字義和讀音





(1) 認識「奧運五環」

(2) 初步了解奧運會的標誌和運動項目

(3) 明白殘疾人仕亦有平等比賽的機會

普通話兒歌 PN





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