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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 4)


We started off this amazing week by meeting our new friends ‘Kim and Dan,’ from our Cambridge book, Pippa and Pop. We engaged in an interactive game to enhance our ability to recognize their names and picture. We worked on our listening skills as we leapt towards their corresponding pictures whenever their names were called. For English, we learnt all about the letter A. We went on a scavenger hunt around the classroom to spot this particular letter. To add excitement into our letter learning journey, we pulled out objects that started with the letter A. We then helped each other match these objects with the ones found on a small table. For Math, we talked about the concept of the number one. We had a fun activity where bees were hidden in different coloured beehives and we would choose one bee from each hive and say the number one together out loud. We continued to review our classroom rules and routines. To top it off, we explored the school premises getting ourselves familiar with the different areas and meeting new friends. What an extraordinary week of discovery and growth!


This week has been incredibly productive for our K1 students. As they continue to familiarise themselves with our class routine, our students have been exploring our classroom rules and why they are important. Everyone was great at answering why we need to follow certain rules in school—to keep us safe and happy. To end our topic, all our students were busy practicing their tearing and sticking skills to help create their own ‘Classroom Rules’ poster which is wonderfully displayed in the classroom. For English, we continue to review and learn our Alphabet, exploring the letters ‘F’ ‘G’ and ‘H’. They are absolutely amazing at recognizing each letter through fun games we have on the board, and it has been an absolute pleasure to see how well they’ve been tracing each letter every week in their books! For Maths, our K1 students explored the number 4 and the shape, ‘square’. They were very pleased to practice their counting skills after discovering that a square has 4 sides. They also had a great time finding and colouring many squares.


This week is our “World Clean Up Week” and we encouraged students to take actions in cleaning up rubbish and also recycling them using the recycle bins provided in their neighbourhoods. Students took videos or photos of them cleaning up their local neighbourhood / or any location. In class, teachers also came up with a slogan in which they encouraged students to participate in and to display it in a video.

In addition, this week for Critical Thinking we were looking at school rules and discussing specific rules that have been followed / or need to be complied as a class. Then we looked different behaviours which were then categorised into “Good behaviours” and “Bad behaviours”. In addition, we listened to a story Words are not for Hurting to understand how we could use words to show kindness and love towards our friends.


Welcome back friends to another week of awesome learning here in ABC!

This week for Critical Thinking, we talked about our goals! We started off by understanding what a goal means to us as we investigated our strengths and weaknesses. Our friends had fun sharing what they are capable of and what they would like to be better at!

Then, for Math this week, our friends continued to understand more about how 3D shapes differ from 2D shapes as they compare them to the things around us. They also learned how to add numbers within 20 without using the number line. Our eager friends loved to be challenged!

And of course, for Physical Play this week, we learned exercises that help strengthen our upper body such as the inch worm, planking and burpees! It was awesome to see our friends put in a great effort!

That’s a wrap for this cool week! We hope everyone have a fabulous weekend! See you all again next week to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival!







1. 知道每個家庭都居住在不同的地方

2. 認識客廳的梳化設施和作用

3. 單手從地面拾起豆袋並放在膠圈中






2) 認識班中的同學

3) 培養喜歡上學的情緒







學習目的:1) 能依次序排列學校一天的活動

2) 分享自己喜歡的校園活動

3) 培養分工合作的精神

4) 學習做一個有禮貎和守秩序的好孩子





學習目的: 1)能舉例說出無障礙設施及其用途









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