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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 16)


It’s been a week of endless discoveries and delightful learning for our PN students. They zoomed through the streets of Hong Kong as they discovered all the modes of transportation you can take within the city. From double-decker buses to MTR trains, the young learners used their imaginations to pretend to be little explorers going through all the different routes in Hong Kong. They paid another visit to the Alphabet world to meet their letter friends. The letter U was their new best friend as they explored words like umbrella, unicorn, and up. One of their favourite activities was dancing in class with tiny umbrellas to the song “Rain, rain, go away!” The children couldn’t end the week without working on their problem-solving skills. This time was all about patterns, from identifying the stripes of animals to prints they would see around them. They also had fun guessing what pattern should come next. Stay tuned for more adventures!


It’s been another eventful week in K1 this week as we delved deeper into some of our topics and tapped into new ones too. For Phonics this week, we continued blending using different sounds such as /j/ and /h/ and reinforced our recognition of some common sight words. Cambridge was interesting as we spoke about how we can appreciate the jobs that people in the community do, which tied in perfectly with our critical thinking theme of respect, kindness and appreciation for others. We made kindness cards and spoke about how we would like to give these cards to and why we appreciate these special people in our lives. It was so wonderful and heartwarming to hear our K1 students express themselves in English. When the students were asked why they appreciate their family members, helpers and friends they said things like ‘…because they take care of me’, ‘…because they teach me to ride a bike’, ‘…because they cook yummy food for me’, and ‘…because they play with me’. What a wonderful discussion we had that tied both our Cambridge and Critical Thinking lessons together! Math was also lots of fun as we started mixing colours; it was so exciting to mix yellow and red together and watch how it turns orange. We also learned to look at small groups of objects and get a sense of which groups have more objects and which have less without actually having to count. We also practiced counting to 17 this week. What an eventful week it’s been and we look forward to seeing everyone in their team colours at our annual Family Fun Day on Saturday.


This week for Critical thinking we are learning about responsibility. We talked about the meaning of responsibility through books and real-life scenarios, and we discussed examples of our own responsibility at home and at school. As we become older and moving onto K3 level next year, our responsibility as a student becomes more and our roles become even more significant.

To gain further practice, we made a “I am responsible” poster in which we found pictures of certain responsibilities that we can perform at home and at school. Next to each picture, we wrote a sentence about what we can do like “I can tidy up” or “I can finish my work by myself.” In addition, the poster would be put up in the classroom to remind ourselves of our duties and responsibilities as a K2 student.

For Math this week we are doing further practice on subtraction. We used real objects to grasp the concept of “taking away” the number as well as using the number line to help us find the answer. We also used a lot of classroom objects to learn about the concept of “counting in 2s”.


Welcome back friends! This week has been eventful for our K3 friends! Starting off with our Critical Thinking, our friends this week focused on making a difference and showing empathy towards others. Together, they have thought of and created their own Random Act of Kindness Jar to express their empathy in school and at home. 

Then for Maths, our friends had an amazing time with fractions, differentiating the meaning of denominator and numerator. With their manipulatives, they had fun understanding the parts that make up a whole, and how to write the fraction of its parts. For Subtraction, our friends were introduced to the concept of borrowing, starting with the numbers within 20. 

To end the week, our fun-tastic friends have been looking forward to our Family Fun Day! We are excited to compete and have a good time with our ABC friends and families! Break-a-leg everyone! Hope everyone takes home a medal! See you all next week!









1.       認識不同種類的船

2.       認識浮和沉

3.       享受撐船的樂趣


主題:「衣服」-合適的衣服 今週主題繼續圍繞「衣服」,老師出示了不同的衣服,請幼兒選取適合炎夏穿著的衣服,並與幼兒討論不同天氣穿著的衣服有何不同,例如質地及裁剪等。另外,老師請幼兒試穿了不同尺寸的衣服,與幼兒討論穿著不合尺碼的衣服有甚麼感覺,同時請幼兒建議如何處理不合身的衣服,藉此延伸至舊衣回收的環保概念。


學習目的: 1) 能配對不同天氣適合穿著的衣服種類         

2) 懂得選擇合適的衣服

3) 認識到服裝店購物的程序



     今週展開了新的主題「幫助我們的人」,老師與幼兒共同探索有哪些人為社會帶來貢獻。而這週,我們集中討論消防員。部份小朋友主動分享他們曾參觀消防局的經歷。也從老師的講述中認識到消防員的工作內容及裝備。當然,小朋友也通過故事了解到發生火警時,我們應該如何去應變。從而培養他們的安全意識和消防常識。    其次,小朋友也親身穿著消防衣及配戴消防配件,從而去模擬消防員救火。過程中,小朋友亦表現得十分的投入。另外,老師也帶領他們去遊校園一周,從而去發掘學校內所安置的消防設備與措施。最後,這週與幼兒重溫了合體字,通過分辨不同字型去鞏固他們對上下結構以及左右結構的認識。


1) 認識消防員的制服和裝備

2) 學習發生火警時的應變方法

3) 培養幼兒有防火意識






1.   認識香港流通貨幣的面值和特徵

2.   認識不同的付款方法

3. 知道金錢從哪裏來

普通話兒歌 PN





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