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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 6)


Our pre-nursery class had an exciting week filled with learning and imagination. As we continued our journey into the world of letters, we focused on the letter P. Our young artists had so much fun using pom-pom paint brushes to paint and make marks over the huge letter P. Alongside this, we explored the concept of on and under in mathematics; the students giggled with delight as they stacked toys on top and under the blocks. Additionally, we organized a sorting activity, where the children grouped objects as "on" or "under" by placing them in corresponding containers. Through stories, discussions, and creative activities we dove into our theme of the pet fish. We created beautiful fish collages using coloured paper and craft materials, allowing our kids to express their creativity while exploring the vibrant colours. With each passing week, our pre-nursery class continues to be a place of excitement and growth. We eagerly look forward to our future adventures.


This week has been incredibly interesting as we continue to explore our topic of Space! Our K1 students have really enjoyed exploring outer space over the past few weeks and they are very excited to finish off this Critical Thinking theme by making their very own telescopes. They have all worked really hard to paint, assemble and decorate their telescopes as they used it for the first time searching for stars in the dark. The fun does not stop there as our students start our ‘Food’ topic in Cambridge where they express which foods they like and don’t like. It’s all about trying new things in Phonics and Math this week as our students try blending for the first time! They have really impressed their teachers by how well they are able to recognise 2-sound words. They have also been learning a new pattern (ABCABC) concept in Math, while using their fantastic coordination through fun games both in the lesson as well as during Physical play. We look forward to the week ahead for more adventures with our K1 crew!


This week in K2 we continued our Space themed activities where our Critical Thinking lessons became more engaging as we explored the characteristics of the moon whilst also understanding the concept of rotation. We then started a fun craft to get a visual understanding of the ideas we were discussing in class.

In Maths, we revised our counting to 90 and participated in team activities encouraging us to help one another whilst strengthening our mathematic abilities.

As we were now familiar with our new Cambridge books, we made our way to unit 2 where much to our delight, the topic to be covered was Toys.

We have started to gain more confidence in our blending skills and therefore started our attempts at writing our own sentences using words from our weekly stories.

But then at last, Friday arrived where we got to celebrate our March friends’ birthdays by indulging in yummy sweet treats and exploring the many fun activities around our school.

We have had a super fun week and are eagerly looking forward to the next week of activities in store for us.


Hello again, everyone! We’ve had another great week here at ABC, especially because it was birthday party week! We had a wonderful time during our party going to all the different activities in each classroom. During Critical Thinking, we did a planet research project. In each K3 class, the students chose one particular planet in our solar system to learn more about. We learned about different characteristics, cool facts, and more about each planet we chose. There is so much information to learn when it comes to learning about our celestial neighbors. In our Maths lessons, we continued our money discussion by introducing coins of Hong Kong. We talked about the difference between dollars and cents as well. For our Physical Play this week, we focused on building our gross motor skill of balancing through different obstacles, such as a balance beam. We hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and we will see you all back here on Monday!







學習目的: (1) 認識健康飲食金字塔

(2) 認識幼兒生活經驗中常見的五穀類食物及其名稱

(3) 認識「米」的字形和字義





1. 認識蔬菜的益處,並鼓勵兒童每天多吃蔬菜

2. 認識水果的益處 並鼓勵兒童每天都有吃水果的習慣







1) 認識紙可承托、發出聲音和吸水的特性

2) 能說出實驗的變化和記錄結果,享受實驗的樂趣

3) 願意觀察加入甚麼材料才能令紙張不吸水




另外,老師向小朋友介紹了體積守恆的概念 ,認識到不是容器越高或越闊,容量就一定越多。老師又教導小朋友目測的方法不太準確,因為目測一般會出現誤差,若要準確知道比較的結果,我們便需要借助一些測量工具進行測試。

學習目的: (1) 認識水的三個形態─液體、固體及氣體 (2) 初步建立體積守恆的概念         

(3) 能說出可於水中溶解和不可溶解的物質


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