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Highlights of the Week


Another week full of wonders! Halloween celebration was a blast and now it’s about the time to get ready for another holiday – Christmas! PN students have already started making the decorations for our beloved school. This week they have also started a new theme “My family”. The children love sharing in class about their family members. They also had a chance to meet a furry family member and had a great time interacting with their classmate’s pet dog.For English, the students were introduced to the letter K and learnt a few words that begin with K. They jumped like kangaroos and climbed like koalas, too! For Math, our young learners reviewed the shapes (a circle, a triangle) and got to know a new shape – a square.


This week has been super packed for all our K1 children as we’ve been very busy with our learning as well as making a beautifully gigantic gingerbread man. For Cambridge, our K1 kids have been very excited to talk about all their favourite toys. The students enjoyed sharing their toys with the others as we all learned how to take turns. We are approaching the end of our letter names with ‘W’ and ‘X’ this week. They had a great time putting the right X-ray picture onto their bodies. For Critical Thinking, our students are learning the difference between ‘sink’ and ‘float’ using some oranges. Lastly, our K1 students have had explored the ‘heart’ shape and the concept ‘tall and short’ in Math by comparing our own heights with large Lego blocks. We can’t wait to see what fun next week brings!


This week for Critical thinking, we are learning about liquids and solids. The students were asked to touch some ice and tell their friends whether it is solid and liquid. Through this activity, they were able to distinguish the difference between these states of matter. We also had an extremely fun activity making Oobleck. The students loved touching it and experimenting how the Oobleck can become a solid but when picked up, it becomes liquid and starts flowing down their hands. All the students want to make their own Oobleck at home with their family!


The K3 students had an exciting and busy week. On Monday, we learned about road safety and met some officers who help enforce road safety around the city. We also had a special story book presentation on Tuesday. For critical thinking, we learned about static electricity and the many ways we can experience static electricity in our daily life. For math, we continued to learn about telling time. This week we covered “quarter to” and reviewed “quarter past.” We also practiced subtraction and continue to work on our mental math skills.


主題:「動物」- 齊來認識動物




(1) 探索不同動物有不同的行走方式

(2) 模仿小鳥飛的樣子

(3) 能唸讀兒歌《小鳥飛》


主題:「認識自己」─ 不一樣的我




(1) 懂得欣賞及保護自己

(2) 學習欣賞和尊重別人



主題:「動物」─ 海洋動物

















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