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Highlights of the Week


This week was centered around our new theme – emotions. Children learned about how we look when we feel happy and sad, and what makes up happy and sad. They also had a try in a sorting activity. We continue our Phonics journey, and this week it was the sound /b/ that the children practiced to pronounce. For Math, the students reviewed the numbers up to 8 and were introduced to number 9. We also had some fun time going on a dragon boat race!


We have so much to look forward to as we head into our new month of June. In Cambridge this week, we extended our ‘Party Clothes’ theme into talking about the kinds of food and toys we can enjoy at parties. It was a great way for us to revise our previous Cambridge units, as well as revisit some math concepts such as ‘same or different’ and ‘odd one out’. We’re all excited about this month’s Critical Thinking theme as we’re going ‘under the sea’. We started the theme by talking about different sea animals and we found that the students have so much knowledge to share with their teachers and classmates about different sea animals! We related our Critical Thinking theme to phonics this week as we hid objects starting with our new phonics sounds, /w/ and /x/, in a box full of water beads; the students loved dipping their hands into the slippery water beads to learn new vocabulary! For Math this week, we related our colour ‘silver’ and number ’16’ to our theme by decorating fish with 16 silver spots or scales. It’s been a lovely week and we look forward to more activities next week!


This week for Critical Thinking we are looking at a story called Rainbow Fish. It is a story about a fish who has colourful and glittery scales. It would refuse to give any of its scales to its friends. At the end, the Rainbow Fish learnt the importance of giving and sharing in order for it to gain happiness in return. Throughout the story, the students were asked about the feelings of Rainbow Fish’s friends when it refuses to share its scales and what can it do to ensure Rainbow Fish and its friends are happy. The students were also asked different ways to help their friends, families or even the community. They suggested that we can give old clothes and unused toys to different organizations or give to those that need them. It is great how stories provide a moral meaning which can lead us to think about how we can imply and implement more actions of kindness in every way possible. In addition, they also learnt about the body parts of a fish such as “scales, fin, mouth, tail”.

In Math, we are learning about the time and the concept of half past. Students were taught that half of an hour is the same as thirty minutes. They did a lot of practice matching the analog and digital time, as well as writing down the time in both formats. Students are now a lot motivated to read the times on the clock and matching the activity that they should be doing at that time.


This week, in K3, has been a great week of learning new things and starting a new theme in Critical Thinking. We have been learning about food chains and how energy is transferred from the sun to plants and then from plants to animals. The food chain we focused on for this week was the ocean food chain and the many different things ocean animals eat. We also learned about carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores and the difference between these types of animals. Discuss this topic with your child and ask which one they are. We did some review this week in math and practiced addition as well as money, weight, and volume. We have continued to build our muscles and flexibility with stretching every day before play time. We have had a wonderful quick week of school and hope you enjoy the long holiday weekend.







(1) 認識乘坐飛機的程序

(2) 認識端午節的起源和製作小手工

(3) 享受放紙飛機的樂趣


主題:「交通工具」─ 路軌上的交通工具




1. 認識香港常見的鐵路

2. 知道港鐵車廂內的設施及用途

3. 認識端午節的物品及活動


主題: 「認識世界」-世界各地的文化和習俗




(1) 認識各國的新年文化及習俗

(2) 認識世界各地的名勝

(3) 學習尊重不同膚色、種族和文化的人






此外,端午節快到! 幼兒透過模擬賽龍舟,認識端午節的習俗、感受節日的氣氛之餘,亦明白互相勵勉的體育場精神,大家互相吶喊打氣,氣氛相當熱鬧呢!



(2) 能說出前往機場的交通工具及機場的設備

(3) 認識端午節的習俗





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