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23-24 ABC Pathfinder Awards (April-TK)

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

PNA - Tsui Constance Yuet Yee

This student has received an award for her behavior. Her kindness and consideration towards others have made her a role model in the classroom. She consistently demonstrates empathy and politeness, creating a positive and harmonious environment for everyone around her. Well done, Constance!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K1A - Tam Chun Yu Carson

Carson comes to school with a happy attitude. He likes taking part in class activities and enjoys singing together with his classmates. He loves playing with his classmates during physical play. Keep it up, Carson.

Certificate of Excellence –Helpfulness

K1A - Tam Tsz Wai

Tsz Wai is a caring and observant student who has shown compassion towards her classmates. She is not only helpful to her classmates but teachers as well. She’s now able to do most of the daily tasks independently. Well done, Tsz Wai.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K2A - Hui Sum Yu Clara

Clara joined K2A class in the past few months only, yet she fits right in as if she started way back in September. She enjoys participating in class discussions, giving relevant information to any given topic. She is also able to understand the new concepts quickly and always shows excitement during class activities. Well done Clara!

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K2A - Chan Sheung Ching Kaylie

Kaylie is a very confident and independent girl who loves sharing her ideas and experiences with her teachers and classmates. Her enthusiasm at school helps encourage others to do the same. She enjoys taking on the role of the leader by guiding and helping her friends through different activities. She is definitely a fantastic example for her peers to aspire to! Excellent job, Kaylie!

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K3A - Ng Yik Wai Wayde

Wayde demonstrates excellent maturity and always sets a good example for the class. Not only does he finish his bookwork quickly, but he also lends a hand to others with their work if they ever need his help. He shows true leadership skills through helping others and reminding them to become their better selves. Keep up the good work, Wayde!


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