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23-24 ABC Pathfinder Awards (April-WP)

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

PNA - Yip Yan Yu

Miley is a cheerful girl in the class and always comes to school with a bright smile. She is always up for trying new things and enjoys having fun with her friends. Her personality really brings joy to our classroom environment! Keep up the good work, Miley!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

PNA - Yu Hei Lok

Ian was quiet at first in the lessons when he started school, but now he has become very focused in the class and enjoys trying out our classroom activities. He demonstrates curiosity in the lessons and his eagerness on learning encourages his classmates to do the same too! Great job, Ian!

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

PNA - Chan Tsz Kiu Cheryl

Cheryl is a sweetheart to have in the class. She is able to do daily tasks independently and demonstrates enthusiasm for the classroom activities. She is always eager to help out when her teachers need to collect things and clean up the toys. Well done, Cheryl!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

PNB - Li Wan Chit

Rex always comes to school with the biggest smile on his face and his excitement for learning really brightens up the classroom, making everyone smile along with him! Great job Rex!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K1A - Chuck Pak Yin Theo

Theo is the sweetest student who has always shown how much he cares for others. He is incredibly patient with everyone around him and will often be the first to ask if someone is okay. He is very respectful towards his teachers and his peers which has made him many great friends. Everyone loves having him around and we are very lucky to have him in our class! Well done, Theo!

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery K1A - Wu Xinrui

Xinrui has always been an enthusiastic and joyful learner. Although a little bit shy at first, it has been so wonderful to see her grow so much over the course of the year. She has definitely come out of her shell and has shown tremendous progress and bravery for trying new things. We are very proud of what you have accomplished, Xinrui!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect K1B - Cheung Sau Laam

Emilia is a kind hearted individual who has shown a steady growth in confidence throughout the year. She now loves participating in group activities with her classmates; they enjoy her company as she is always warm and caring towards everyone.

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork K1B - Tan Yicheng

Lucas is a cheerful and social individul who has demonstrated how he can adapt to new enviroments with ease. He enjoys being part of group activities and always tries to make his classmates feel included by inviting them to join in activities with him.

Certificate of Excellence – Joy K1B - Yuen Ching Yiu Aliana

Aliana is a cheerful and charismatic individual, who enjoys coming into school everyday and sharing her experiences with her teachers and classmates. She loves participating in class discussions and loves learning through exploration.

Certificate of Excellence – Joy K1B - Verguizas Azalea Yolanda

Azalea is a happy and enthusiastic student, who is well loved by her classmates and teachers. She is a keen and active participant in class activities and has shown an interest in all areas of her academic life.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation K2A - Leung Sze Ching

Sze Ching is a cheerful student who has shown great progress thus far which has been especially evident in her increased confidence during activities involving public speaking. She actively enjoys sharing about her toys during Show and Tell. Her enthuiasm has extended to her classwork as well where she has shown tremendous improvement.

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership K2A - Chan Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn's confident personality has served her well in which she has been looked up to by her classmates as being a leader, who encourges, motivates and inspires them to perform tasks efficiently. She can always be counted on to take initiative towards completing not only her own tasks but also encouraging others to do so as well.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery K2B - Tong Wang Hong

Blake has improved tremendously in expressing his opinions to the teachers and being able to contribute ideas in class. He shows a lot more bravery to speak up about his feelings as well as trying out new things in front of the class. His confidence has also grown greatly this year. Keep it up Blake!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect K2B - Leung Chi Kit Ezreal

Ezreal shows his love by being respectful towards others. He treats every teacher with respect by listening to them well. He also helps his classmates without the need to be asked. He knows how to wait for his turn and is able to follow the class rules well. Well done Ezreal!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation K2B - Cheung King Shing

Carden’s confidence has been progressing really well these past months. His presence is more apparent during class discussions as he never fails to listen in class and ask questions that are related to the topics being discussed. He is also not afraid to ask questions when he needs help or when he is unsure of something! Stay curious, Carden!

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery K3A - Liu Ho Suet Andrea

Andrea has been coming out of her shell these past months. She has been brave enough to step out of her comfort zone as she continues to actively participate in the classroom activities. It's been a joy to see her confidence shine through as she is able voice out her feelings and ideas with her classmates. We are very proud of you, Andrea! Keep reaching your potential!

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness K3A - Ng Yu Yan

Agnes is the very best friend that you can rely on. We love how she is there for her friends when they are sad, or when they need someone to talk to. Her pure heart shines brighter as she comes in the classroom with a big smile on her face and as she greets every single one of us. We appreciate your genuine care, Agnes! Thank you for being you!

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery K3B - Lo Chun Hei

Rex never backs down from a challenge. He is always one of the first students to voluteer to try new and challenging tasks introduced by his teachers. He stands up against challenges like a knight against a dragon! His bravery pushes our whole class towards excellence. Thank you for your bravery, Rex!

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery K3B - Chan Wang Yui Marcus

Marcus has such a great imagination. He loves using his creativity to draw Pokemon for his friends and teachers alike. He uses his imagiantion daily, and in different areas of studies, from his Show and Tell to even our playground time! Thank you for making our classroom a fun place to learn, Marcus!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness K3B - Ho Ayla

Ayla is a student who is polite and kind to everyone in our classroom. Her easy-going nature makes her able to play with everyone. She even takes care of our classroom pet, Wasabi, by writing them letters all the time! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving student. Thank you, Ayla, making our classroom more lovable!

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork K1A pm - Yiu Emilia

Emilia is a brave and super enthusiastic student who faces every activity or challenge with the most positive attitude. She cares a lot about her friends and will often encourage them to try things with her too. If they are ever feeling nervous, she is always there to help and encourage them. It has been really lovely to see her help in the most endearing way.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery K2A pm - Liao Ziqiao

Joana's bravery is not only seen in her daily actions and willingness to engage in unfamiliar activities but also is a quality she is very proud of. She loves to share stories of her braveness with her classmates and not only serves as a source of inspiration to them but also encourages them to be brave and not fear anything.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery K3A pm - Cheung Tsz Yau

Ella's kindness is very endearing. It's been inspiring to see how she interacts with her classmates with such gentleness. Not only that, she is very supportive of her friends and she is always willing to help them when they are in need. It’s easy to see why everyone wants to be her friend. Thank you for your gift of kindness, Ella!


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