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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 13)


The PN students have had an incredibly engaging and exciting week filled with exploration and discovery. This month's focus on transportation has been a hit with the young learners, who have been fully immersed in hands-on activities and role-playing exercises to gain a better understanding of the various modes of transportation around them. From cars and buses to trains and bicycles, they have learned how each one moves and operates, and have been amazed by the things that they can do. In math, the students have been captivated by the diamond shape, and they have been practicing finding diamonds in the objects around them. Additionally, the students were introduced to another new letter friend this week - the letter S. The students were thrilled to meet S with their teachers, and they learned new words such as sock, sun, and star, which they added to their treasure box of new vocabulary for the week. It has been an incredible week filled with learning and discovery for the PN students, and they can't wait to see what's in store for them next.


Hello, everyone! Welcome to week 13. For Phonics, we introduced the sound /ck/ and engaged in 2 sound blending activities.  For Cambridge, we listened to a story that emphasized the importance of kindness towards others.

For Critical Thinking, we learned about the most hardworking insect – bees. We discussed their appearance and the valuable gift we get from them – honey. We also made a bee craft which the students enjoyed making.

For our Math lesson, we took the opportunity to review numbers and colours, while also introducing the colour gold.

That’s it for this week. See you all again next week.


Greetings from our K2 class! It’s been a great week of learning in our classroom. We learned new time-related concept called “half past”. Our students discovered that an hour consists of 60 minutes, and half of 60 is 30. Therefore, whenever the digital clock displays 30, we can confidently identify it as half past. To continue our learning, we played a math game where we read digital clocks and identifying between o’clock and half past. What an excellent addition to our ongoing math learning of clocks!

This week for Critical Thinking, it’s all about going on an airplane journey together as a class. From the previous week, we discussed about the steps we need to take before, during and after we go on a trip. This week we used what we’ve learned and re-enacted a class holiday adventure. We started by packing our suitcases, travelling to the airport, getting our suitcases scanned through an x-ray machine to waiting in the departure lounge for our airplane. Once we boarded the airplane, we had the pleasure of meeting our pilots and flight attendant, who assisted us in finding our seats, provided us with snacks, and ensured our safe arrival at the destination. Despite this being an imaginative trip, it was an enjoyable experience to travel together with our classmates.


Hello everyone! Welcome to week 13! In this week, the K3 students have continued to learn about landmarks around the world. We introduced more landmarks such as the great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Statue of Liberty in the USA. We learned that a landmark does not have to be a building, it can also be an open area with great scenery, just like the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong! We also made use of the time and finished our polaroid craft.

For Math, the K3 students got to learn how to draw symmetrical patterns. We learned that when they see one half of an image, we have to draw the other half in the opposite direction. We used our fingers to gauge how long the lines are and try to match the sizes of them to make the images look even.

That’s it for this week! We can’t wait to see you in the next one!














學習目的: (1) 認識各種常見的海上交通工具 (2) 認識乘坐飛機的程序

(3) 認識火箭和太空船和太空人的日常




1.       認識各國的新年文化及習俗

2.       認識不同國家的食物

3.       培養互助互愛的態度


主題: 「交通工具」




  學習目的: 1)學習航空交通工具與我們日常生活的關係 2)學習登機及過關程序



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