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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 7)


This week in our prenursery class, we had a lot of fun learning! Our focus of the week was on the letters O and P.  We had an exciting activity planned where the students painted the paper to find the invisible and magical letters O and P. This not only helped them practice letter recognition, but it also improved their fine motor skills. In addition to our letter activities, we also had an Easter theme math activity that incorporated counting and number recognition. They had fun counting the number of eggs in the basket and matching it with the correct number. And what's Easter without a party? Our class had an Easter party where we played games and sang songs. It was a great opportunity for them to socialize and practice their social skills while having a blast. It was a fun and productive week for our prenursery class. We wish all our students a wonderful Easter holiday!


What an ‘egg-citing’ week it’s been leading up to our Easter break! In Cambridge, we practiced expressing our food preferences through an exciting food tasting activity. We enjoyed trying oranges, pears, tomatoes, cake and chocolate and telling our friends if we like or dislike these food items using full sentences! In phonics, we continue to practice blending two sounds together and it’s great to see that we’re all enjoying the challenge! In Math, we recapped the number ‘13’ and introduced ‘14’ using a number line, blocks, toys and other classroom objects to help us count. We enjoyed learning about Easter in Critical Thinking this week and especially taking part in our school-wide Easter party where we enjoyed hiding Easter eggs all around our playground and then looking for them! We can’t wait to share the Easter fun we have been having with our friends and family outside of school during the holidays. Have a great Easter break everyone and we’ll see you soon.


This week for Critical thinking we are looking into the Moon, Sun and our Earth. We learnt about the Earth rotation and how it affects our daytime and night-time. We also looked at the size and the function of the Moon, as well as learning about the different shapes of the Moon depending on which part of Earth the Sun is shining on.

Then we conducted a fun activity where we took turns to be the Sun, Earth and the Moon, and acted out the rotation as we have been shown in videos. This really enabled us to understand how our Earth depends strongly on the Sun and the Moon in order for plants to grow, as well as providing food for animals and for us to eat. In addition, we coloured in the Earth, Moon and the Sun for a fun craft activity.

For Math this week, we are doing revision on additions up to 10. We played a lot of games and conducted a lot of practice on worksheets to fully understand the concept of adding 1s, 2s, 3s etc.


What an extra ‘hoppy” week it has been for our dear friends as they anticipate for the coming Easter holiday! For Critical Thinking, we continued working on our mini-writing tasks about our chosen planet! It has been nice to see our friends get ecstatic as they know more about a planet different from our own!

Then for Maths, as our friends started tackling our money bills last week, this time we head on to learning about our coins! Our friends had fun sorting and identifying different Hong Kong coins. As for our addition, our dear friends continue to test their skills and sharpen their number facts as they tackle more on their double-digit addition with carry-over.

And as for our Physical Play, our friends enjoyed their pretend play of meteors with blocks and bean bags! And for our finale, what’s Easter without some Easter egg hunting? Our friends had so much fun looking for their Easter eggs around the playground. 

What a way to kick-start our Easter holidays! Hope everyone has a meaningful and wonderful holiday! See you all again soon!







(1) 認識復活節常見的物件和名稱

(2) 體驗尋蛋活動的樂趣

(3) 嘗試製作復活蛋圖工





1.  知道肉和魚是有益的食物。

2.  認識復活節的習俗

3.  認識復活節相關慶祝活動       







2) 認識耳朵透過收集聲音振動聽到聲音

3) 能分辨和說出日常生活物品及大自然的聲音





學習目的: (1)  觀察和發現光源距離與影子大小的關係

(2) 初步認識光的折射原理        

(3) 與同伴體驗皮影戲表演

普通話兒歌 PN





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