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23-24 ABC Pathfinder Awards (December & January-WP)

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

PNA - Lau Tsz Tai

Tsz Tai is a very enthusiastic learner and has always participated actively in the class. He pays attention to every lesson and is always ready to raise his hand to share his ideas and answer the questions confidently during classroom activities. He always tries his best on everything and makes sure that each task is completed to the best of his ability. You have done a great job, Tsz Tai!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

PNA - Yuen Yik Yin

Yik Yin is a happy and cheerful girl who always loves to share happiness with all of her classmates. She always engages in classroom activities and carries out tasks with so much enthusiasm. She has a wonderful sense of humour and enjoys making others laugh. This allows her to make friends quickly at school. Keep it up, Yik Yin!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

PNB - Mak Pui Kiu

Avery has shown big improvements on participating in class activities. She was shy at first but she has come out of her shell! Avery enjoys answering questions and tries her best in everything! Great job Avery!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

PNB - Chu Wai Ting Rayton

Rayton has shown a lot of enthusiasm in the classroom as he loves to answer questions and joins in lots of class activities. Rayton is a burst of energy that brings the class together! Great job Rayton!

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K1A - Fung Shu Ting

Shu Ting is an incredibly caring friend who enjoys taking care of others and helping out her teachers. She always looks out for everyone and is the first one to offer a helping hand (without even being asked). She has shown tremendous kindness and we are very proud to have her in the class. If you ever need anything, you can always rely on her to support you! Thank you for all you help and well done!

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork

K1A - Fu Sau Ming

Ryan has been a great team-player in the class who enjoys playing with others and making sure everyone is included. He enjoys talking to every member of the class and works well with others. He will often make sure everyone is okay during class activities and table work. We love having a cheerful and supportive student in our class!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K1A - Chung Pak Yin Jovi

Jovi has been an excellent contributor to the class. He is always willing to share his ideas and will sometimes convince his friends to follow his lead. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with his friends and teachers which, in turn, has helped create some very insighful conversations.

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K1B - So Tsz Shun

Jason is a cheerful and social individual who enjoys taking part in a variety of different activities in school. His eagerness and excitement to learn and participate in activities is endearing, and it motivates his classmates to do the same.

Certificate of Excellence – Creativity

K1B - Lau Yi Sun

Ian cheerful student who loves engaging in activities with his classmates. He is especially driven by art related activities, where he displays his creativity by using lots of different colours to complete his work meticulously.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K1B - Chan Oi Kiu

Gabby is a cheerful and dedicated individual who enjoys all aspects of her academic life. She likes engaging in a variety of different activities and isn't afraid to try new things that are unfamiliar to her.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K2A - Leung Nga Kiu

Sophia is very caring student who, throughout the term, on numerous occassions, has shown compassion towards her classmates. Her kind nature often cheers her friends up and brings smiles to their faces. She is not only helpful to her classmates but teachers as well.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K2A - Chan Hei Nok Theo

Theo is an enthusiastic learner who is always willing to try different activities. He can always be seen with a broad smile as he requests to try again. His enthusiasm when participating in activities often inspires his fellow classmates to follow in his footsteps. Great Job Theo!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K2A - Chan Jun Rui

JR is always kind and compassionate towards his classamates and places no limits on his acts of kindess towards them. He is often showering them with gifts and is ever willing to share his personal possesions with them even when it means bringing his pet cat to school. Thank you JR.

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork

K2A - Tang Jose Ching Yin

Jose is considerate and senstive to the emotions of others. He not only comforts his classmates but also guides them along by repeating teachers instructions, ensuring none of his classmates get left behind. Thank you Jose for being a great teamplayer at all times.

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K2B - Ho Man Hei

Tania has been a very caring and considerate friend to everyone in class. She is always looking out for her classmates as well as her teachers, often being the first one to ask if they are okay. She loves to cheer for her friends whenever it's their turn and enjoys giving them hugs to show that she cares.

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K2B - Cheung Ho Laam

Ho Laam always comes to school with a smile on her face and she would often greet all the teachers with a big hug. She would also treat her classmates with understanding and respect whenever she interacts with them. Her kindness is indeed not what she does, but who she really is. Way to go Ho Laam!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K2B - Lo Alika

Alika has been a joy to have in the class. She actively participates in all class activities and demonstrates curiosity for learning. She also loves sharing her thoughts and stories of her own experiences with her classmates and teachers. Keep up the good work, Alika!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K2B - Ho Cheuk Yu

Jacob has been a great addition to the class ever since he joined in. He greets all his teachers and classmates with a big smile whenever he comes to school. He shows eagerness and excitement in all his learning. Keep smiling Jacob!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K2B - Cheung Ngai Wang Marcus

Marcus has become a very active participant in class. His eagerness to learn has become evident by becoming more engaged in class activities. He is always ready to raise his hand to share his thoughts confidently during class discussions. He shows great joy whenever he participates in any activity.

Certificate of Excellence – Humility

K3A - Wan Hei Lui

Dora has shown excellence in whatever she puts her heart and mind into. What makes her standout is how she presents herself with grace and humility. She speaks with her teachers and classmates with gentleness which encourages others to do the same. Thank you for being our beacon of love and may you continue to shine your light to others!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K3A - Siu Chun Ho

Aiden has grown to become a very caring person towards his classmates and friends. He would always include others during class discussions and playtime and he would tend to his classmates when they are hurt or sad. It has been a sight to see and we hope he continues to spread his love! We are proud of you, Aiden!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K3A - Lam Hoi Yan Brienne

Brienne always puts a smile on our face. She shows great effort and optimism in our classroom activities and during playtime which has made her very popular among her classmates. She is always willing to listen and help others who are in need. Thank you for your awesomeness, Brienne! We are so proud of you!

Certificate of Excellence – Responsibility

K3A - Lee Ho Sun

Jasper has shown maturity over the last few months. He completes his classroom tasks and follows through classroom instructions independently and with much enthusiasm! Because of this, he has inspired others to do the same. He has been helpful and is willing to share his knowledge with others. We are so proud of how far you’ve come! Thank you for your gift, Jasper!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K3B - Leung Yau Shun Isaac

Isaac is one of those students that teachers can trust no matter what. He is always on task and follows instructions to the T. He is quick to help others, and treats everyone equally and kindly. He raises his hand when he's ready to share his thoughts, and shows respect to his friends and teachers alike. We apprecaite you everyday, Isaac. Thank you for your hard work and kindness.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K3B - Li Hiu Tung

Ayla is always ready and willing to answer to any question her teachers might have. Her hand is perpetually raised, and is always ready to show her wealth of knowledge. From her English lessons to her Chinese, Ayla is ready for anything we throw at her. Thank you Ayla for your hard work and dedication. Way to go!

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K3B - Lam Muuk

Muuk Muuk is one of the most dependable students in K3B. She leads our classroom by example, and can always be counted on by her peers and teachers alike. She also never hesitates when asked by her teachers with tasks around the classroom, and she will always help her friends in times of need. Thank you for being so reliable in our classroom, Muuk Muuk!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K1A pm - Huang Tsz Yuet

Kasey is a bright and clever girl who has a lot of knowledge to share with the class. She is intuitive and will often be the first one to have a go at answering any question. She is not afraid to apply her knowledge through conversation which has encouraged others to do the same. Keep it up, Kasey!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K2A pm - He Tsz Kin

Jimmy is a very kind hearted student who enjoys sharing with his classmates. He often strives to include everyone in games and activities and is always comforting other students. His kind nature is seen throughout lessons and playtime.

Certificate of Excellence – Curiosity

K3A pm - Yip Tsz Chun

Jason is a soft spoken student and yet has a genuine interest in his learning. He always participates in class and most importantly, he is not afraid to ask questions about the topics being taught. He always would like to know how things work which contributes to a very effective learning environment in our class. Thank you for always being curious and we are so proud of you, Jason!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K3A pm - Tong Yau Long

Kody is a cheerful and confident student who is always participating in our class! He brings a positive mindset and loves to share his thoughts and ideas in the class! He would always show his support towards his classmates and help out when needed. Thank you for your ideas and for always listening attentively. Keep it up, Kody!


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