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23-24 ABC Pathfinder Awards (February & March-WP)

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

PNA - Cheng Yu Nga

Yulia is a thoughtful and observant girl in class. She is able to do all the daily tasks on her own and pays lots of attention to what is going on around her. She is friendly to all of her classmates and is always glad to be the first one to offer help to anyone in need in the class. She is a good model in taking the initiative to look after her classmates without being asked. Well done, Yulia!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

PNA - Lai Chin Yee

Grace is a sweetheart to have in class. She enjoys greeting everyone with a huge smile and loves to spread joy to others at school. She never hesitates to try new things and is always eager to take part in all of the classroom activities. She likes to show her lovely dance moves which makes some of her classmates want to join in too. Nice job, Grace!

Certificate of Excellence – Creativity

PNA - Chen Pei Hsin

Pansy is a quick learner and has a love for learning. She is good at art related activities and always surprises us with her creativity when she does her colourings and crafts. She is also very eager to learn and has become more enthusiastic in school. Keep up the good work, Pansy!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

PNB - Ng Jamie

Jamie is a caring individual. He has been very polite to his teachers and peers by saying please and thank you and he also gives out lots of big hugs! Thank you Jamie!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

PNB - Leung Cheuk Hei

Hei Hei is a polite little boy in the classroom and he loves to answer questions and join in class activities with his friends! He has never let a challenge stop him from learning! Great job Hei Hei!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K1A - Zeng Yiwei

Will has been an incredible addition since Day 1, and his enthusiasm for learning is always a joy to watch. He will always join any activity and will face each challenge with an open mind. His eagerness to learn has helped him grow so much in such a short amount of time and we are very proud to have him in our class.

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K1A - Ho Louise

Louise's love for conversation, sharing her knowledge and her observations have really helped create a lot of interesting learning experiences for K1A. Everyone enjoys listening to what she has to say and she has encouraged others to try and share their own thoughts and opinions too. She also listens to her peers and will often ask them other questions which enriches our story time and classroom chats even more. Thank you for your insightful thoughts Louise!

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork

K1A - Wong Nga Fei

Alyza is a very caring student who enjoys helping out in any way she can. She enjoys playing together with almost everyone in the class and you will often see her holding someone's hand in the playground. She looks out for her peers, helping them out without us needing to ask. We greatly appreciate having her in K1A!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K1B - Pang Wing Fung

Felix is a polite and caring individual who greets everyone with a smile in the morning. He shows care for his classmates by sharing with them, helping them and always checking in to see if they are doing alright.

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K1B - Yeung Claire

Claire is a kind hearted individual who treats her teachers and classmates with the utmost respect. She is a dedicated learner who works well individually as well as in groups, where she demonstrates maturity and compassion towards everyone.

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K2A - Yu Yin Chun

Chun Chun is a positve member of K2A who loves sharing his toys and ideas with his classmates especially during Show and Tell activities. He is always happy to share his thoughts , ideas and travel experiences with his classmates. Keep up the positive and radiant spirits Chun Chun.

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K2A - Ho Man Bok

Jayden is a kind hearted student who is fond of all his classmates. He enjoys helping his friends during activities and can always be seen performing simple acts of kindness even when it means sharing his green toys. Thank you Jayden.

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K2A - Yip Chin Yau

Yumi is polite and kind to others and can often be heard giving compliments to anyone passing by. She is respectful and mindful in the way she interacts with others and enjoys sharing her toys and snacks with her friends. Well done Yumi!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K2A - Al Zoubi Fehr Ward

Ward is a vibrant member of the class who enjoys sharing his experiences with others, however special recognition should be given to the effort that he puts into his chinese and mandarin work where he not only always volunteers to try but also goes over and above to understand the content by doing extra work at home. Well done Ward, we are proud of you!

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork

K2B - Kwok Sze Yuen

Ryan is an active student who does not hestiate to share his ideas with his teachers and classmates. He loves to engage in conversations and class discussions sharing about his personal experiences. He often provides guidance to his classmates and assists them when carrying out class activities.

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K2B - Liu Ho Ching

Ashley is a sweet and thoughtful student who has a very positive attitude and is always willing to help her peers. She has wonderful listening skills and clearly enjoys working in a group setting where she can co-operate well with her fellow classmates. She is very well-liked by her class and is always willing to contribute to class activities with her happy and kind energy.

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K3A - Su Sze Ho

Marcus is a passionate student who finds joy in sharing his knowledge and talent with his peers. He never shys away from classroom discussions and school events, and he puts his 100% effort in everything he does. More than that, he is always willing to help his classmates during small-group time and does it with kindness. Thank you for always being there for us, Marcus. You make us very proud!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K3B - Ning Yaqi

Annie is one of the best at following the first and most important rule in K3B, BE KIND. She helps anyone who is in need, and is always willing to brighten up her friends when they're feeling down. She shares her love and care making our classroom filled with happiness and smiles. Thank you so much, Annie, for all your love and kindness.

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K3B - Wong Karlis

Karlis has put in an amazing effort, especially these last few weeks. His teachers are thankful for his politeness, and he is becoming a "leader by example." He shows his friends how to follow rules daily, as well helping those around him with their tasks and work. He has become a reliable pupil, that his teachers have come to trust to be on task. Keep up the great work, and thank you for your leadership. Annie is one of the best at following the first and most important rule in K3B, BE KIND. She helps anyone who

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K3B - Tsoi Cheuk Yan

Yan Yan always has a smile on her face. Her enthusiasm for learning spreads to those around her, and her positive energy is cherished by her friends and teachers alike. She puts the 'happy' into our happy learning. Thank you for your postive energy, Yan Yan!

Certificate of Excellence – Responsibility

K1A pm -Cho Tsz Ching

Carrie has grown significantly over the course of the year and we are very proud to see her join in with such eagerness and enthusiasm. She will join just about any class activity and will face each one with the biggest smile. If it isn't her turn, she loves to cheer for her classmates which has encouraged them to try their best too. Keep it up Carrie!

Certificate of Excellence – Responsibility

K2A pm -Huang Siqi

Huang Siqi is a polite and helpful member of the class who always performs tasks to the best of her ability. Her determination to learn has been seen in the responsible manner in which she takes accountability to ensure she does her work even if she is not well. Her responsible nature is also evident in the way she encourages her classmates.

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K2A pm -Or Mung Kam

Mung Kam is a joyful member of the class who often brings a smile to others with her cheeful nature and fun loving spirit. She is caring towards her classmates and teachers and extends her warmth to others at all times. Thank you Mung Kam for being you.

Certificate of Excellence – Perseverance

K3A pm -Chu Lok Yin

Fiona has grown to become a determined student these past months. She continues to make an effort with her tasks even when it is difficult by being dedicated in the class! With this, she has also grown to become more supportive and encouraging towards her classmates. Thank you for showing us what not giving up means! Continue the great work, Fiona!


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