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23-24 ABC Pathfinder Awards (Jun & Jul-TK)

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

PNA - Tsui Ayrton Yan Yin

We are delighted to present the respect award to our talented prenursery student -Ayrton. He has consistently shown kindness and consideration towards his classmates, teachers, and the school environment. He has demonstrated excellent manners and has been a positive role model for his peers. Congratulations Ayrton on this well-deserved recognition!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

PNA - Ng Chun Hei

Throughout the year, Chun Hei has consistently shown enthusiasm and curiosity in all classroom activities. His willingness to engage and participate in class, has not only enriched his own learning experience but has also positively influenced his peers. Well done, we are proud of you Chun Hei!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K1A - Tang Oswald

Oswald is a sweet and helpful boy. He enjoys singing and dancing in the class and enjoys spreading joy to his classmates. He really loves the playtime with his friends and always finds the funny side in the things he sees. Keep it up, Oswald!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K1A - Leung Ching Hay Emma

Emma is a cheerful and balanced student who enjoys taking part in different activities in school. Her eagerness to learn and participate inspires her classmates to do the same. Well done, Emma!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K2A - Au Lok Ting

Amber Au has grown into a very happy and confident girl at school. She maintains a good and positive attitude throughout the school day and shows enthusiasm for the classroom activities. She also enjoys playing with her friends during playtime and makes sure to include others in her group. Keep it up, Amber Au.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K2A - Yam Sum Yau

Amber Yam is a sweetheart to have in the class. She is able to follow the class instructions and do daily tasks independently. She is observant and pays lots of attention to what is happening around her. And she is always eager to help out when her friends and teachers need to collect things and clean up the toys and books. Keep it up, Amber Yam.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K2A - Tam Ka Him

Ka Him has made a huge effort to improve this term in all the areas of his learning. He has shown real courage to keep working hard regardless of the challenge, and never fails to give his very best effort in everything he does. He has grown into a very active participant in class who enjoys sharing relevant information in group discussions. We are very proud of you, Ka Him!


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