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ABC Pathfinder Awards (Feb-TK)

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

PNA - Sui Camila Maudie

Camilla shows great enthusiasm for classroom activities. She loves working independently and takes pride in work done well. She has great focus in class and willingly participates in all group activities. Additionally, she is concerned about the feelings of others and shows great respect for teachers and her classmates.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

PNA - Fong Hei Yee Elly

Elly sets an amazing example of kindness and helpfulness. She shows her caring attitude in the class by helping others. She is concerned about the feelings of her peers. She is always willing to help others whether it's classwork or while playing in the physical area. Keep up the good work Elly!

Certificate of Excellence – Creativity

K1A - Lau Hong Kei

Hong Kei loves to share his ideas and is always willing to participate in any class discussions. This has encouraged others to follow his footsteps. His friendly nature and his love for his friends have helped create a very warm learning environment for himself and his peers.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K1A - Choi Tin Yat Ashton

Ashton has been a very thoughtful student ever since the beginning of the school term. He is always the first person to offer a helping hand to his teachers and friends when we tidy up and will try to encourage others to do the same.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K2A - Wong Sophia Chloe

Sophia is certainly a great addition to our class. She enjoys picking her job when she arrives to school and surprisingly enough, she always chooses to be the Teacher’s Helper. She enjoys doing little tasks for the teachers and is always seen giving a helping hand to her classmates. She is more than willing to help her friends tuck their seats in and give everyone a reminder to listen and do their jobs to help out. Sophia is definitely a great role model when it comes to being helpful. Well done Sophia.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K3A - Yu Chak Kuen

Nereus always volunteers to help others. Whenever someone needs help cleaning up, he is willing to lend a hand. He also puts back the chairs back and tidies up the tables for his fellow schoolmates when it is time to go home. Sometimes he can give smart advice too! Good work Nereus!


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