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ABC Pathfinder Awards (Feb-WP)

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

PNA - Lam Pak Wang Gordon

Gordon is a very cheerful boy at school. He comes to school every day with so much excitement and happiness. He always shows how much he enjoys music by singing and jumping along to the beat in the lessons. He also loves participating in all of our activities and carrying out the tasks with enthusiasm. Well done, Gordon!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

PNB - Kwok Sheung Lam Jase

Jase is respectful towards his classmates and teachers at school. He always shares toys with his classmates during playtime and is generous to give them more toys. He always listens to his teachers by patiently waiting for his turn during class activities.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

PNB - Wong Skylie

Skylie has become a very active participant in class. Her eagerness to learn has become evident by becoming more engaged in class activities. She is always ready to raise her hand to share her thoughts confidently during class discussions. She shows great joy whenever she participates in any activities.

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K1A - Au Chi Kiu Natalie

Natalie is the happiest student in our class. She is adored by many of her peers and will often be found playing with someone during our free play sessions. She faces each task with great enthusiasm and the biggest smile. Her positivity and cheerful nature has definitely put a lot of smiles on our faces and has helped create a very happy classroom for her and her friends. Well done!

Certificate of Excellence – Creativity

K1A - Yip Chin Yau

Yumi's creatvitiy has flourished over the course of the year and it's been wonderful to see her put in so much care into her work. She is very keen on keeping her work clean and tidy and she has tried to encourage her friends to do the same. She loves to use her imagination in the lessons and during playtime which everyone has thoroughly enjoyed. Keep it up!

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K1B - Kwok Sze Yuen

Ryan is a confident and enthusiastic learner who is always open to learning new things. He enjoys taking on the role of the leader by guiding his friends through different activities. He is an active participant in class discussions and loves to ask questions that contribute to everyone’s learning.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K2A - Ng Yu Yan

Agnes is always willing to help others and always does so with a smile. She is very kind, polite and friendly to all of her classmates. She will help others whether it’s with classwork or while playing in the physical area. Agnes is a role model when it comes to helping others and we’re all very lucky to have her in our class.

Certificate of Excellence – Respectful

K2A - Chan Yuet Hei Kalina

Kalina is a polite and conscientious student who always takes great care with her work. She has a quiet disposition and is an excellent listener, and she is very observant too. She is also very willing to contribute to group activities and class discussions, and she always works well with her friends.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K2B - Chan Chih Hao Titus

Titus has build up his speaking confidence tremendously this year. At first, he was feeling more timid and less willing to present his favourite toy in front of his classmates. Now he is more active in class participation and describing in great details about his hobbies and toys. Also, he does not hestiate to share his ideas and to join in immediately with class activities and games. Good Job Titus!

Certificate of Excellence – Creativity

K3B - Chau Yi Yuet Johanna

Johanna has such a wonderful imagination. She was one of the first students to add artwork to our Art Gallery this year. She continues to make more to keep our Art Gallery fresh with new and detailed artworks. Her creativity is also apparent in her classwork and homeowrk as well. We are so appreicative of her hard work and dedication. Wonderful job, Johanna!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

PNA pm - Du King Hung

King Hung is a very sweet and polite boy at school. He is always very respectful towards his classmates and loves sharing toys with them during playtime. He also loves to help and participates in class with so much enthusiasm that makes him well liked among his classmates. Good job, King Hung!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K1A pm - Chichkar Elizabeth Navin

Elizabeth has been a very caring and considerate friend to everyone in the class and it's been a joy to see that grow throughout the year. She is always looking out for her classmates as well as her teachers, often being the first one to ask if they are okay. She loves to cheer for her friend whenever it's their turn and enjoys giving them hugs to show that she cares.

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K2A pm - Tong Tsz Yik

Daniel is a very enthusiastic learner and clearly enjoys being in the classroom. He always contributes to classroom activities and group discussions, and works well with his friends. He learns very quickly and is always excited to share his new knowledge with his friends, adding to a healthy and positive atmosphere in the classroom.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K2A pm - Cheung Tse Yau

Ella is a great team-player and thrives in group activities where she can co-operate with and help her friends. She always raises her hand to add to the group discussion and her excitement to learn always brings a positive energy to the classroom. She is polite and kind, and helps to make our lessons interesting and fun.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K3A pm - Or Hoi Fung

Marcus’ big brother personality has always been second nature to him. You can rely on Marcus when you need some assistance as he is always willing to help out someone in need. He genuinely cares about the people around him that’s why he is popular among his classmates. This is very impressive to witness. Good Job Marcus!


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