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ABC Pathfinder Awards (July & August-TK)

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

PNA - Leung Riley Yi Huen

Riley is such a confident and observant girl who is not afraid to share her ideas and stories in the lessons. She demonstrates excellent thoughtfulness and skills and she embraces learning new skills and concepts. She faces challenges with a joyful attitude which allows her to learn even better.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

PNA - Chen Tung Yu

Tori has been a thoughtful and helpful girl since the beginning. She is always there to offer a helping hand to her teacher and classmates when we tidy up. She enjoys doing little tasks for her teachers and also reminds her friends to tuck their seats in after the lessons. Well done Tori!

Certificate of Excellence – Creativity

K1A - Au Lok Ting

Amber's creatvitiy has flourished over the course of the year and it's been wonderful to see her put in so much care into her work. She is very keen on keeping her work clean and tidy and she has tried to encourage her friends to do the same. She loves to get creative in the lessons and during playtime which everyone has thoroughly enjoyed. Keep it up!

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K2A - Lee Shun Hei

Sebastian is a gentle and observant boy who takes pride in doing his classroom job well. He enjoys picking his job early in the morning and making sure to fulfill this throughout the day. He is often seen doing more than what he should and reminding others to do the same through his actions. Sebastian does not shy away from helping with any small tasks like tucking chairs in, putting away toys and collecting worksheets. He is a great model in taking initiative to help others without being asked. Well done Seb!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K3A - Tong Yan Tai

Caesar has shown tremendous improvement since the beginning of the second term. He is never hesistant to do his classwork and he tries his best to finish difficult tasks. He shows great attitude towards learning by never giving up. He always strives to do better and understands the true value of perseverance. We are so proud of you, Caesar!


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