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ABC Pathfinder Awards (Nov-WP)

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

PNA - So Tsz Shun

Jason is a happy student and really enjoys school life. He always shows a desire to learn in every lesson by having fun and engaging with friends at school. He also likes sharing interesting and funny experience and ideas with teachers and friends, which encourages others to share their thoughts too! Keep it up, Jason!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

PNB - Leung Lucas

Lucas has always been active to participate in the class. He loves to share his thoughts and he would readily give his all whenever we ask the class to do an activity. He can make everyone feel at ease by approaching them and socializing with them. You have done a great job, Lucas!

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K1A - Yeung Pak Hei

Davin is a very enthusiastic learner who is always willing to try anything we do in our lessons. He faces each activity and challenge with the most positive attitude and is always very determined to try absolutely anything. He loves to volunteer and will often be the first to have his hand up for any activity. This has helped encourage others to do the same and we're so grateful to have him in class.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K1A - Leung Nga Kiu

Sophia has been a great addition to our class and it has been an absolute pleasure to see her confidence grow throughout the year. She is happy to work with her friends, figuring out puzzles together and has become a very active participant in every lesson. She is always willing to join in, putting her hand up to try any activity. Fantastic job!

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K1B - Al Zoubi Fehr Ward

Ward is a cheerful and enthusiastic individual, who is well liked by all his classmates. He always makes an effort to play with and collaborate with all his classmates. He is always up for a challenge and volunteers to try activities in his Chinese and Mandarin lessons too.

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K2A - Li Yu Ho Jovan

Jovan comes to school every day with such a happy and positive attitude. It permeates our entire class whether it's during lessons or free play time. That positive attitude is also present in how he learns and takes on challenges. He is always upbeat and ready to learn and participate in class discussions. Way to go Jovan!

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K2B - Tsoi Cheuk Yan

Yan Yan is always ready to help her teachers and classmates whenever needed. She listens attentively to the teachers and follows instructions when carrying out class activities. She never hesitates to put toys away for her classmates and assisting our younger friends with their school bags. Well Done Yan Yan!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K2B - Chan Ya Ching

Tara is such a cheerful girl who always participates in all class activities. She often has lots of ideas to share regarding her hobbies and trips with her families and friends. She enjoys participating in "Show and Tell" and describing some of her favourite toys to her classmates. Keep in up Tara!

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K3A - Sze shun Hei

Aden has shown tremendous improvement over the past months. Despite facing some challenges, he continues to show up and participate in class discussions and activities. With this kind of courage, he was able to overcome his shyness and is now always willing to speak in front of his classmates. May he continue to be an inspiration of bravery to his classmates. Keep up the good work, Aden!

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K3A - Wiser Ian Cleveland

Ian’s presence in the classroom is quite remarkable. He is always willing to help his teachers and classmates whenever needed. To his teachers, he is helpful by being cooperative during class discussions. To his classmates, he finds ways to make things easier for others, like helping them clean up after playtime and reminding them to follow the class rules. Way to go, Ian!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K3B - Lau Hiu Ching

Serena has been a center piece of our classroom discussions from the beginning of the school year. She loves sharing her ideas with her classmates, as well as being the first to volunteer for any activity. Her drive to particiapte spreads to her peers around her, pushing them to better themsleves. Great work, Serena!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K3B - Kwok San Hong

Jan prides himself on being a star pupil in our classroom. This starts with how he addresses not only his teachers, but also his peers as well. He takes others feeling into consideration in everything we do, and makes sure that everyone is happy and taken care of. He raises his hand to share his thoughts, and take into account other people's feelings.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

PNA pm - Ouyang Kam Lok

Lucas loves participating in all of our activities. He enjoys playing with his friends and pursuing knowledge at school. He always shares the different ideas and experiences from home with others in the class. You have done an excellent job, Lucas!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K1A pm - Yeung Tsz Yin

Tsz Yin has become a very knowledgable and enthusiastic student. He is very good at applying and sharing his knowledge and won't hesitate to answer any question that comes his way. He is very proud to share what he knows with the class which has helped many of his friends learn too. We love having him join in every class discussion and look forward to hearing more!

Certificate of Excellence – Creativity

K1A pm - Lin Hoi Sin

Hoi Sin has always been a very creative learner. Whether through play or work, she loves to use her imagination. She is very good at taking care of every piece of work she is given and always presents them in the neatest and most beautiful way she can. Her great eye for detail and amazing colouring skills have impressed her teachers, and have inspired her friends as well!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K2A pm - Yip Tsz Chun

Jason is a thoughtful and polite student who is always friendly and respectful to everyone in our school. He has a positive attitude that makes anyone he is talking to feel welcome. He always follows the class rules and is careful to never be rude or hurt anyone. Great job Jason!

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork

K2A pm - Cheung Lok Yiu

Milia is a team player who enjoys interacting and socializing with her classmates. She will always share and play with others during physical time and also enjoys discussing with and helping her classmates during class time. She is always friendly and respectful to everyone. Excellent job Milia!

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork

K3A pm - Lin Kai Man

Kelly is someone that you would want in your class group. It’s because she has shown skills that enable her to work well with others. She listens to her classmates, and she is open to their ideas and helps them whenever she can. She encourages her classmates to be active participants in class, which has helped her maintain and gain great friendships. Great job, Kelly!

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K3A pm- Kong Fung Hei

Cromwell leads by example. He has developed to become more accepting of feedback from his classmates and teachers these past months. He has a positive mindset and he always reminds his classmates to share and be respectful of each other – which inspires his classmates to do the same! Amazing job, Cromwell!


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