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ABC Pathfinder Awards (November-TK)

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

PNA - Ng Yan Ngai

Eden is a cheerful boy who loves to greet his teachers and classmates with enthusiasm and a bright smile everyday. He is incredibly pleasant and the way he takes an active part in games and activities during the lesson is fantastic. He has amazing social skills and is well liked by his classmates. His positive attitude brightens up our classroom. His bubbly personality is truly a treat.

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K1A - Cheung Hon Yui Henry

Henry comes to school with a positive and happy attitude. She likes singing and dancing in the class and enjoys spreading joy to her classmates. She really loves playing with her classmates during Physical Play.

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K2A - Chung Wang Leong

Winston is a joy to have in our class. He is a diligent student who does his work to the best of his abilities. He enjoys sharing his thoughts and opinions enthusiastically about any given topic we are discussing. He reminds his friends to wait for their turns and encourages others to try new things just as he would.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K2A - Chan Yee Shun Eden

Eden has improved a lot since the beginning of the school year. He has embraced being in K2A and has reached great heights in his bravery. He keeps a postive attitude and continues to learn with a smile on his face. He's more willing to participate in class discussion and shows eagerness to share during Show and Tell. He doesn't backdown to challenges brought to him and has become more confident. Keep it up Eden!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K3A - Tsoi Ho Lam

Isaac is a diligent student who is always eager to learn new things. His thirst of knowledge allows him to relate to the subject matter and talk about his experience. He enjoys having Show and Tell and always volunteers to share his stories with his fellow classmates. Sometimes, he would even bring his own books that are related to the topic of that week, so that others can read it and discuss the topic together. Thank you for your contribution Isaac!


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