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ABC Pathfinder Awards (Oct-TK)

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

PNA - Lee Sung Ka

Lee sung Ka sets an example of excellence in behavior and cooperation. She shows huge respect for her teachers. She is kind, respectful and helpful to her classmates as well. She remains focused on the activity at hand and shows good manners in the classroom.

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K1A - Chan Yee Shun

Chan Yee Shun has a very pleasant personality and an excellent attitude towards learning . He is among the first ones to always mentor other classmates and give them a helping hand. He has a very warm and kind relationship with his teachers and demonstrates his positive learning attitude in class everyday.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K2A - Wong Charles Lucas

Charles has made loads of improvements in the past two months. He embraces learning new skills and concepts and enjoys applying them in lesson activities. Making mistakes in class does not hinder him from trying therefore he has improved not only in his behaviour but also in his academics. Charles faces challenges with a brave face and joyful attitude allowing him to flourish and learn even better.

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K3A - Fan Ki Pei

Fan Ki Pei not only can finish his classwork on his own, but also proactively helps his classmates whenever they need guidance understanding the subject matter. He demonstrates excellent patience and thoughtfulness when he makes explanations and leads discussions.


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