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ABC Pathfinder Awards (Oct-WP)

Certificate of Excellence – Cheerfulness

PNA am- Chau Yi Wing

Libby always starts her day with a smile. She enjoys having fun time with her friends and her joy shines through. She likes to cheer her friends on whenever they take part in classroom activities.

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K1A am- Lam Hoi Yan Brienne

Brienne has been an amazing addition to our class. She has been a wonderful role model for all her peers and is very happy to help our new students with our classroom routine. She is always up for trying new things and has encouraged others to do the same. Well done!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K1A am- Lam Hei Yi

Chloe has contributed to many of our classroom conversations during lessons. Her eagerness to share stories and voice her opinions has helped create a very nurturing and happy learning environment for herself and her friends. Keep it up!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K1B am- Lam Muuk

Muuk Muuk is a keen and enthusiastic participant in all our lessons and in other class activities. Her enthusiasm in lessons encourages others to participate too.

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K1B am- Lee Ho Sun

Jasper is a cheerful and hard working individual who enjoys all aspects of school. He plays an active role during class activities and adds to our learning by sharing his own experiences with everyone.

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness K2A am - Sato Kana

Kana is polite to all her classmates and teachers. She always comes to class with a smile. She gets along with everyone and would not hestiate to help others whenever needed.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery K2A am - Kwan Cheuk Hei

Jathan always projects a positivite aura towards his friends and teachers. He is willing to participate in all activities. He never gives up when it comes to overcoming new challenges or difficult tasks.

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork K2B am - Ip Claris Hei Tung

Claris is a wonderful team player. She is always friendly with her classmates and makes an effort to help out whoever needs it. She has a very positive attitude and brings a smile with her wherever she goes!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness K2B WD - Tan Yuxin

Benjamin is always kind to others. He is very approachable towards his classmates and is quick to make new friends. He is remarkably polite when playing with others and can have fun with different students each playtime.

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership K3A am - Cheung Hoi Ching

Kelly has been exemplary throughout this term. She is always on task and is a perfect example of an excellent pupil. She helps her friends by leading our classroom by example. She is always willing to help her teachers and friends.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation K3A am - Wai Tai Yin

Tayson is always involved in our classroom discussions. He has wonderful insight, and doesn’t back down from any challenge. He knows everything about every animal which leads him to have fantastic show and tell presentations.

Certificate of Excellence – Cheerfulness K3B am -Tam Fuk Lai Theodore

Theodore walks in to school daily with a big smile on his face, and is always ready and eager to learn. He shows kindness and respect not only to his peers, but to all the teachers as well. He often thinks of others and creates letters, crafts, and messages for his friends and family whenever he has an opportunity.

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership K3B WD - Zhang Zhehan

Zhehan takes the initiative to aide other students in class whenever they need help. He is eager to lend a hand and will help other students clean up, even if he didn't make the mess. He provides a good example for his peers by willingly offering his help and kindness to everyone around him.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness PNA pm - Lam Tsz Yau

Yoyo pays a lot of attention to what is happening in the classroom and is always eager to help out when it is needed. She notices right away when her friends or teachers need to collect things, move the chairs, or tidy up after the snack.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation K1A pm - Cheung Tse Yau

Ella has been an enthusiastic learner since the very first day. She is always engaged in every lesson and enjoys trying out all our classroom activities. She is often the first one to raise her hand during class discussions. Her curiosity and willingness to try anything has helped create a wonderful learning environment for everyone. Great job!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution K2A pm - Lin Kai Man

Kelly loves to participate in class discussions and would often answer questions actively. She would often give out new suggestions and ideas to the teacher and she would offer assistance to her classmates whenever needed.

Certificate of Excellence – Respect K2A pm - To Tsz Ki

Aiki is a polite girl who never forgets to say "Good Afternoon" or "Thank you". She is hardworking and she is very familiar with the school routine. She focuses and follows instructions well in class.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery K3A pm - Huang Kai Yat

Kevin came into his new school with courage and an uncanny motivation to be the best. He never shies away from a challenge, whether it is in Math, English, Chinese, or Mandarin. His courageousness spreads to those around him, and he continues to impress his teachers every day.

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork K3A pm - Chan Sze Lam

Hilary works well with anyone in the classroom. She is highly sought after by her peers during group work due to her dedication and handwork. She spreads joy to everyone around her, and can always be relied on to do the right thing.


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