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ABC Pathfinder Awards (Oct-WP)

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

PNA - Cheng Hailey Hei Ching

Hailey is very kind and considerate when interacting with her classmates in the class. She shows excellence in kindness and cares about her classmates so much. She is always the first student to ask if anyone is okay and concerns about the feelings of her classmates. Good job, Hailey!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

PNB - Chuck Pak Yin Theo

Theo has a big heart towards his classmates and teachers. He likes to give way to his classmates to line up or sit down and he would always listen closely to his teachers. Whenever he tries to talk or to play with his classmates, he would always be gentle towards them. You are amazing, Theo!

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K1A - Wei Tsz Ching Loui

Loui has been a very kind and caring student to have in class. He is always happy to help his friends and teachers keep the classroom tidy and will often make sure everything is in the right place before he leaves for home. He is more than willing to help his friends tuck in their chairs if they ever forget and always has his hand up first if the teacher ever needs any help.

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K1B - Leung Chi Kit Ezreal

Ezreal is a kind and loving individual, who respectfully greets his teachers and classmates when he comes into school everyday. He is able to take really good care of himself and always offers to help those around him. In class, he is a keen and active particpant who enjoys all aspects of learning.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K2A - Lam Hei Yi Chloe

Chloe enjoys taking initiative during class activities and play time. She is very curious and is always looking to learn and try new things. She routinely asks to try new games and toys during time in the physical area, and she’s also never afraid to ask a question if she doesn’t know the answer. Excellent job Chloe!

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K2A - Lee Ho Sun Jasper

Jasper is a very kind, polite student who actively participates in all class discussions and activities. He takes the initiative to include others and he often leads by example. Jasper enjoys sharing his knowledge, his toys and his turns with anyone in the class. Way to go Jasper!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K2B - Lam Hoi Yan Brienne

Brienne is such a cheerful girl and she greets her teachers and classmates everyday with a genuine smile on her face. She always carries out any tasks with much enthusiasm. She loves to participate in all activities and often faces any new challenges with great positivity. Excellent work!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K2B - Ho Chin Wai Jemma

Jemma is a quiet girl but she often shows politeness towards all teachers. She follows instructions attentively and ensures she tries her utmost in all activities. In class, she often waits patiently for her turn and never shows any signs of temper or frustration. She is definitely a class example for us all. Well Done to you!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K3A - Guo Zesen Ricky

Ricky's respectful character is very uplifting. He shows respect not only to his teachers and classmates but also towards the people around him. He always waits patiently for his turn when it comes to classroom activities and he is always willing to share what he has with his classmates. His patience and kindness towards other people is what makes his classmates and teachers enjoy his presence in the classroom.

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K3B - Lam Pui Ki Nana

Nana has been such wonderfull addition to our classroom. She leads our classroom by example. She always raises her hand to share her thoughts. She completes her work in a timely matter. And most of all she shows her friends the right way to help others, and makes our classroom a welcoming enviroment perfect for learning. Thank you, Nana!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K3B - Yang Shuk Yuen Ethan

Ethan is one of the most sought after students in our classroom when it comes to group work or play. His welcoming attitude and personality are something everyone should strive to have. He makes our classroom one with love and acceptance. His classmates and teachers alike truly love and appreciate his loving attitude. You are the best, Ethan!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

PNA - Mak Moon Chi Grace

Grace demonstrates her manners on a daily basis and always shows respect for classmates and teachers at school. She is also very kind and patient when working with her classmates who need extra assistance. This makes her classmates love being around her in the class. Good job, Grace!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K1A - Zhu Lok Yi Mia

Mia is a very cheerful and enthusiastic learner. She happily joins in to any song or dance we try in class and is always willing to try any lesson activity, often being the first student to have her hand up in class. She has been a great role model to have for everyone as she faces each challenge and each new experience with a smile.

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K1A - He Tsz Kin Jimmy

Jimmy's kindness and caring nature has gained him many friends. He is always very patient and respectful towards his classmates and teachers, and is always willing to wait for his turn during any classroom activity. He is very sweet and considerate of everyone around him and will often offer a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K2A - Tong Yau Long Kody

Kody is always a part of class discussions and enjoys answering questions. He enjoys sharing his thoughts and expressing himself throughout the school day. He is a curious learner and will always ask thoughtful questions when there’s something he doesn’t know. Well done Kody!

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork

K2A - Cheung Tse Yau Ella

Ella is very kind and thoughtful when she engages with her classmates. She knows how to be fair and how to include others when playing in class. She will help her friends if they are stuck on an answer and tries to help bring up everyone around her if they are struggling. Nice work Ella!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K3A - Cai Ho Ting Carlson

Carlson's confidence and participation in class has improved drastically. He pays attention in class and he makes sure that he is included in all the class discussions. He would be one of those who always raises up their hands first and he is always willing to try when a challenge comes around - which is very motivating in the class. Great Job Carlson!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K3A - To Tsz Ki Aki

Aki's sweet and tender nature is endearing. Not only is she polite to her teacher and classmates, she is generous as well. She is generous when it comes to offering a helping hand to her classmates and listening to what her classmates have to say in class discussions. She thinks of other people's feelings and uses gentle words towards them. Top job Aki!


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