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ABC Pathfinder Awards (Sep-WP)

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

PNA - Ching Yuet Kiu

Remi has been a thoughtful student in the class. She loves helping her friends while tidying up and will try to ask others to do the same. She also enjoys helping her teachers in any way she can, such as putting the chairs and the books away.

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

PNB - Fung Sum Kiu

Sum Sum has been a delight since joining the school. She loves to approach everybody and makes sure she greets them happily with a wave and a big smile on her face. She loves to join in our lessons and would sometimes show her awesome dance moves which would make some of her classmates join in too.

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K1A - Chan Jun Rui

JR has been a lovely addition to the class as he has been very respectful towards both his friends, his teachers and everyone he meets in school . He waits patiently for his turn during our lesson activities and is very good at taking turns whenever he shares toys with his classmates. His kind and patient nature has made him a wonderful role model for the whole class.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K1A - Li Evan

Evan has shown great enthusiasm since the very beginning of the school year. He is always up for trying any lesson activity which has helped encourage others to do the same. He is often the first one to raise his hand to try new things and faces each challenge with a smile. He is often very proud of his work and loves to share his achievements with his teachers and friends.

Certificate of Excellence – Cheerfulness

K1B - Frunz Skyler

Skyler always walks into school with a smile on her face, greeting all her teachers and classmates with enthusiasm. Her love for learning and active participation in school activities is endearing.

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K2A - Mok Shing Hei

Jayden loves to share his ideas and knowledge with our class. He is always very present in classroom discussions and enjoys engaging others during free play time as well. He has a great sense of humour and also likes to share many fun facts that he knows. We have all learned a fact or two from Jayden and are looking forward to many more. Way to go Jayden!

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K2A - Wan Hei Lui

Dora is polite and kind to all of the students in our class. She always has a cheerful attitude and enjoys helping others and including them, whether it be in games during physical time or during free play in our classroom. She has been a joy to have in our classroom and her kindness has been such a positive addition, we are all very glad to have Dora as our classmate and friend.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K2B - Leung Yau Shun Isaac

Isaac has just joined us at the beginning of September and yet he has portrayed high participation in all activities. Even when faced with a new school environment, he continues to perform actively in class discussions and does not hestiate to share his own ideas or experiences with the class. He always shows high motivation to try his utmost in all writing tasks. Excellent job, Issac!

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K3A - Li Cho On

Max has shown bravery towards his academics and social interaction in class. Even if he struggles in his English and Cantonese, he doesn't let this hinder him from participating and communicating with his classmates. He is always on top of his classwork and he almost always initiates to share his thoughts with his teachers and classmates. Awesome job Max!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K3A - Leung Emma Hoi Nam

Emma has never missed any discussions we have in class. Her group mates could count on her when it comes to games or activities in class. She loves to answer and share her thoughts and opinions among the class, which encourages her classmates to do the same. Her hunger for knowledge is inspiring to the class. Good job Emma!

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K3B - Cheng Chi Kin Adrian

Adrian has shown that he is ready for K3! From the very first day Adrian has shown his teachers that he is able to not only follow classroom directions without fail, but also loves helping his friends as well. He thrives on being the best student he can be. His willingness to try and learn new things is highly admired by his peers and cherished by his teachers. Great job, Adrian!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K3B - Ng Elaine

Elaine is a master in respectfulness. She always greets her teachers and friends with love and kindness every morning. She always uses her manners when playing with others and is welcoming to all her friends. She raises her hand when she needs to share her thoughts in our class discussions. Her level of patience is something everyone should strive for and achieve. Congratulations, Elaine!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

PNA pm - Yang Kwok Kin Samuel

Samuel is a happy student who always shares happiness with all of his classmates. He loves singing and dancing at school and enjoys spreading joy to others. He is one of the first students to invite his friends to dance in the class. He has spread this positive energy to his friends since the beginning of term.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K1A pm - Lin Chun Yat

Matthew is a very kind and sweet student who does not hesitate to help out anyone in the class. He is always willing to help tidy up the classroom or playground and will often help his friends put chairs back if they ever forget. He guides his friends to follow the line and will offer support if they ever need assistance with their worksheets or textbook work.

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork

K1A pm - Lam Tsz Yau

Yoyo has been a great team player and is loved by so many students in our class. She is always willing to try new things in our lessons and would always encourage others to do the same. She loves to cheer for her friends whenever they try new things and has helped create a very supportive and nurturing environment for everyone in class.

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K2A pm - Tong Tsz Yik

Daniel is as respectful as they come. He is always extremely polite and welcoming. He follows the rules and is always patient and cheery with his attitude. Daniel shares his toys with others and raises his hand before he asks or answers a question. He is always willing to help others clean up and is the first to volunteer when a teacher asks for help as well. Great job Daniel!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K2A pm - Chu Lok Yin

Fiona is always participating in classroom discussions, volunteering to answer and ask questions as well as taking part in class activities. Her enthusiasm is contagious and through her participation she encourages other students to engage more themselves. Fiona enjoys sharing her thoughts and she has been wonderful at motivating others to as well. Well done Fiona!

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K3A pm - Wong Jun Ann

Johan is a very sweet boy who never fails to greet his teachers and classmates. Johan always observes the class rules in such a way that he always shares his toys with his classmates and knows how to wait for his turn which makes his classmates enjoy playing with him. He always listens and follows instructions from his teachers in class. Well done Johan!

Certificate of Excellence – Joy

K3A pm - Kwan Tsz Tung Hanna

When you say Hanna's name, you could not help but smile. Since the beginning of the term, Hanna has initiated taking the step to make her classmates smile. She has offered her seat to her classmates just because she wanted to. She has made her classmates something from the Creative Station when they are down. Even in her academics, she always finds joy in doing her tasks. Great job, Hanna!


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