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ABC Pathfinder Awards (September & October-TK)

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

PNA - Lai Sum Yuet

Lai Sum Yuet is an enthusiastic learner. She comes to school with a bright smile every day. She sets an example of excellence in behavior and cooperation. Also she is extremely respectful towards her teachers and classmates. She sits very nicely in the classroom and always pushes her chair back before she leaves the classroom. Since the beginning of the school year she has shown great eagerness to learn new concepts and try activities that are new to her. Not only does she wait for her teachers’ instructions but also reminds other students to follow rules and behave well.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K1A - Lam Zachary

Zachary has a pleasant personality and an excellent attitude towards learning. He is a great listener and shows great enthhusiasm in participating in all class activities. He follows directions, completes his work, and remains an active learner throughout the school day.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K1A - Chan Hin Yui Jasper

Jasper actively engages in our class, eagerly sharing personal experiences with both peers and teachers which has led to rich and insightful class discussions. His passion and eagerness to share his extensive knowledge, especially regarding transportation in Hong Kong, have inspired his classmates to share their stories. It's been an absolute pleasure to see everyone learn from each other.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K2A - Yau Alyssa

Alyssa is a gentle student who cares a lot about following the class rules. She kindly reminds everyone to listen to the teacher and have gentle hands. She enjoys helping those who need it when she is finished with her work. She takes her classroom job very seriously and reminds others to do their jobs as well. This makes the classroom a pleasant place because she is always ready to help remind others of the things we should and shouldnt do.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K3A - Pang Caleb

Caleb is a considerate student who cares for others unconditionally. Not only is he willing to lend a helping hand to his fellow classmates, but he is also proactive in offering help to clean up and keep our school tidy. Moreover, Caleb always makes sure he has done his part perfectly before looking after others, which makes him a very responsible student as well. Well done, Caleb!

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K3A - Li Muxi

Ria always comes to school with an awesome attitude and the brightest smile. She is always eager to learn and ready to share her thoughts with her classmates and teachers, especially her experiences related to the subject matter! She enjoys expanding the discussions by generating new ideas surrounding it! Keep up the good work Ria!


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