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ABC Pathfinder Awards (TK-November)

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

PNA am- Choi Tin Yat Ashton

Ashton is one of the more independent ones in the class. He takes great care of himself by keeping things clean and tidy. He would always offer to help the teachers whenever possible.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K1A am- Ng Yik Wai Wayde

Wayde pays a lot of attention to what is happening around him and is always eager to help out when someone is in need. He initiates a helping hand when his friends or teachers need to collect things, distribute crayons and tidy up the toys.

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K2A am- Wong Olivia Gracelynne

Olivia comes to school with a positive attitude. She shows kindness by sharing her toys with her friends during free play. She never forgets to say “thank you” to her teachers and classmates. She is remarkably polite and gentle towards everyone in the classroom.

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K3A am- Kwong Shun Yat

Ivan does his best to make sure everyone is having a good time and getting a chance to participate. He is polite to his friends, he always raises his hand and waits for his turn when sharing his ideas in group learning.

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K3A am- Wang Hadrian Chi Lai

Hadrian has a hard-working attitude that is a great example for others to follow. He likes to have fun and wants to play with his friends. He knows to complete his work first and check with his teachers so he can get the most enjoyment out of the day.


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