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ABC Pathfinder Awards (TK- September)

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

PNA am- Yue Sze Yui

Katniss has a kind soul. She is helpful and she thinks of other's feelings. First week of school can be tough for anybody, she offered a tissue to a fellow crying student. That selfless act was both sweet and thoughtful.

Certificate of Excellence – Cheerfulness

K1A am- Shek Hei Lui

Chantelle is kind, respectful and helpful when interacting with her classmates. She holds many varied interests during small group activity and daily lessons. She always has a wonderful smile when she comes to school.

Certificate of Excellence – Teamwork

K2A am- Chai Hugo

Hugo is always ready to give kind reassuring words to his classmates when they are doing well and encourages them to work even harder during class. He is definitely an excellent team player!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K3A am- Hung Cheuk Hei Cyrus

Cyrus engages in every activity with a great passion to learn. He comes with his own knowledge to share but is also excited to learn new things. His positive attitude about learning makes each activity fun for all.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K3A am- Lam Lok Yiu Scarlett

Scarlett has been making fast friends so far this year through helping others. When she sees someone in need or is asked by a teacher or friend, she's quick to lend a hand.


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