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ABC Pathfinder Awards (WP- September)

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

PNA pm- Lin Chun Yat

Matthew is a cheerful and curious learner. He is always ready to explore new things around him and share his findings with the classmates. Matthew is the first one to join an activity or a fun game, too.

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K1A pm- Chu Lok Yin

Fiona has been a very active part of the class from the very beginning. She is not afraid of trying new things and is often the first one to raise her hand during lessons. Her enthusiasm has helped encourage others in the class, creating a lovely learning environment for everyone.

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K2A pm- Cai Ho Ting

Carlson is a polite boy who never forget to say "Good Afternoon" or "Thank you". He is a diligent boy who knows his school routine well. He focuses well in class and follows instructions well.

Certificate of Excellence – Leadership

K3A pm- Chong Yan Kiu Chloe

Chloe has been an exemplary pupil. She strives on following the rules, and finishes her diligently. She has been a wonderful example for her friends on how hard work pays off!

Certificate of Excellence – Creativity

K3A pm- Lee Chun Yin

Samson loves sharing his drawings with his class. He brought in a picture to share every day for his show and tell. His imagination is extensive, and we love hearing about his ideas and creations.

Certificate of Excellence – Helpfulness

K2A pm- Kwan Tsz Tung Hanna

Hanna would always look out for her friends. She would offer assistance whenever needed and she does not hestiate to ask for help too. We admire her determination to try her utmost in communicating with English teachers in English everyday. Keep it up Hanna!

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K2A am- Guo Ze Sen

Ricky listens attentively in class and often gives lots of ideas related to the theme being introduced in class. He would carry out most small group activities independently and accurately at the same time.

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K2A am- Guo Ze Sen

Ricky listens attentively in class and often gives lots of ideas related to the theme being introduced in class. He would carry out most small group activities independently and accurately at the same time.

Certificate of Excellence – Participation

K2B am- Leung Emma Hoi Nam

Emma is always eager to engage in any activity that we are doing. She does so with a very positive attitude that's contagious to all of her fellow students.

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K2B am- Hou Ruixi

Rachel is always involved in classroom discussions and enjoys sharing stories. She always answers to whatever topic we are talking about. She is very enthusiastic when doing so and it raises the energy level and interest of the entire class.

Certificate of Excellence – Kindness

K3B WD- Leung Yui Long Nathan

Nathan comes to school with a smile and offers help to not only his classmates but the teachers on a daily basis. He shows kindess by asking politely for help when he needs it and saying, "Thank you" every time. His gentle nature is seen in his daily interactions with classmates as he shares toys and class materials.

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

K3B WD- Yung Pak Yin

Casper arrives at school daily with a positive attitude and is always ready to learn. He eagerly provides many thoughts, ideas and experiences to our class discussions. His contributions lead to our class learning some unique concepts about the topics we discuss.

Certificate of Excellence – Contribution

PNA am- Hui Tang Yui

Aiden is very kind towards his teachers and classmates. He sets a good example by taking part in our classroom activities. He always encourages his friends to participate.

Certificate of Excellence – Bravery

K3A am- Tam Yeuk Lai Hendrik

Hendrik is a new student to K3 this year. He has made great strives to make new friends, and doesn’t back down from a challenge. His positive attitude in our lessons is a great motivator for others.

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K1B am- Ho Ayla

Ayla is kind and courteous to all her teachers and classmates. She greets everyone with a smile when she comes into school and is helpful towards everyone.

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K1A am- Ng Yu Yan

Agnes has been a very good role model for her friends. She is always very patient and kind while waiting for her turn during lessons. She is very respectful towards her teachers, following their instructions and encouraging others to do the same.

Certificate of Excellence – Friendliness

PNB am- Lam Tsz Yue

Sylvia is very bright and outgoing. She always arrvies to school, greeting her teachers with a smile. She loves interacting with everyone around her. Her eagerness to make friends makes her well-liked in class.

Certificate of Excellence – Cheerfulness

K1A am- Wu Lok Tung

Tung Tung's positive attitude has been such a lovely addition to our class. She loves to smile and greet her teachers and friends in the morning. Her friendly and cheerful nature has brightened up many of our lessons and has made her many friends.

Certificate of Excellence – Respect

K3A am- Chan Edan

Edan never forgets his manners. He uses his ‘please’s and ‘thank you’s for everyone and everything. He sets a great example for those around him, and chooses always to be respectful and courteous.


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