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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 11)


Hello everyone! We hope you all had an amazing Easter holiday! We started this week with a brand-new topic – Community Helpers. The students learnt about how the policeman/policewoman and the fireman/firewoman help out in our community. They were able to identify the uniform and tools used by these people as they do their job. The children showed their appreciation for them by learning and singing a Community Helpers’ song in class. For English, it was all about umbrellas, unicorns and underwear which was everything that starts with the letter U. They used their fine motor skills and creativity to create their own colourful letter craft which was an umbrella. For Math, the children went on a scavenger hunt searching for numbers 1-9 around the class. They used their problem skills to match these numbers to several baskets filled with apples of different quantities. The children can be heard counting the apples out loud and amazingly in the correct order. They have truly enjoyed this week and are looking forward to more fun adventures at school next week!


We were all so excited to come back to school after our Easter break. For Cambridge, we talked about appreciating our family members and practiced saying ‘thank you’ to one another. We also reviewed our shapes by asking our students to find different shapes of classroom objects and around the school. For Critical Thinking, we discussed all about Space. We focused mainly on our planet and what things we can see on it. The students absolutely enjoyed this topic and were able to tell us that the green colour on Earth represents land whereas blue is water. For our Phonics lesson, we focused on /s/ and /t/ and reviewed our previous sounds too. Our Maths lessons were super fun where we all got to talk about the concept of in and out. We played ‘Simon Says’ to get the children to jump in and out of the hoops in order for them to gain a better understanding of the concept. We also did our counting to 15. It’s been a fruitful week and we look forward to our birthday party!!


Welcome back! We hope everyone had a great and relaxing Easter Break. Everyone in K2 came back with great excitement to learn new things. In English lesson, we continued our Food topic by having a short discussion about the different food we ate during our long holiday. Some of us even shared about the snacks they had in their overseas trips. We also tried to recall all the food words we learned in this topic through a game.

In our Math lesson, we are learning about reading digital clocks. We learned the word ‘o’clock’ and had loads of fun reading different times. Teachers would say out a time and students would choose the right numbers to show the right time. We cannot wait to learn more about clocks.

Finally, we are learning about our Earth in Critical Thinking. Ask your child about the different things we have on Earth that are very important in our daily lives. The Earth is really amazing to have these things that we humans need every day.


Welcome back everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Easter Holiday! In week 11, our K3 students have got to learn about the Solar System. We’ve learnt that moons orbit a planet and planets orbit the Sun. Teachers were surprised to know that some of our students already know all the planets in our Solar System and they can even name them in order! We also got to look at the “galaxy” through a telescope and we all felt ecstatic!

For Math, we did a role-playing game where students got to take turns to be the customer and the shopkeepers in a bakery and a greengrocer. They got to practise paying the exact amount of money through a realistic shopping experience and to challenge themselves; some students even bought multiple items and were able to sum up the total amount of money they had to pay!

We had lots of fun this week, see you next week!






(1) 認識各種餐具的用途

(2) 培養有禮的餐桌禮儀

(3) 認識「豆」的字形和字義







2) 認識乘坐車輛應有的禮貌



主題:「認識世界」─ 認識各國的文化、習俗和服飾













(1) 認識香港海陸空的交通工具

(2) 能遵守交通工具的使用守則

(3) 知道乘坐不同交通工具的禮儀

普通話兒歌 PN





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