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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 12)


Hello everyone! It has been an eventful week at school for our PN students! We continued our theme ‘Community Helpers’ this week and we had a chance to learn about doctors and nurses who help us out when we feel unwell. We had fun exploring the tools that they use and took turns to pretend to be doctors and nurses. For English, we talked about the letter V and the new words (van, volcano, vest, vegetables). We had a blast doing the revision on the letter U and letter V with a game. It was very exciting to find the hidden pictures in the classroom and sort them all out by putting them into the letter U and letter V hula hoops. For Math, it was all about the new number- number 10. Our little ones did certain exercises for 10 times, like clapping, jumping, touching our noses, etc. What another amazing week it was! See you all again next week!


This week went by in a flash. For Cambridge, we talked about parties and reviewed our party clothing vocabulary such as belt, hat, dress, badges and more. We even got our students to share about their party experiences and what they could do at parties; it turns out they all love birthday parties because they get to eat cake and wear their favorite outfits! J For Phonics, we explored the /u/ and /v/ sounds and reviewed related vocabulary. For our Critical thinking lessons, we learnt the concept of day and night such as when we can see the sun and when we can see the moon. We even brainstormed about things we could do during the day such as going to school, eating breakfast and things we could do at night such as putting on our pajamas and going to sleep. For Mathematics, we reviewed our concept of in and out and number 15.


We hope everyone is having a wonderful week, we sure are having a fantastic week in K2.

Math lesson was another fun lesson on clocks. This week we learned to read an analog clock. We put digital clocks and analog clocks side by side and learned the differences. We learned that analog clocks have two important hands for reading, long hand and short hand. Ask your child, where does the long hand point to when the clock reads ‘o’clock’. For more practice, students were grouped in smaller groups and were asked by their peers to point the hands in the right places according to the time they shouted.

In Critical Thinking we learned about the sun and its importance. Students came up with loads of interesting and challenging questions. These questions lead us to asking how the Earth moves around the sun providing sunshine to the side it faces and darkness to the side it doesn’t face. We learned that the sun is very vital in our daily lives and that if the sun suddenly disappeared, our world would be so challenging to live in. So, thank you Mr. Sun for always shining so bright!


Welcome to week 12! In this week, our K3 students have had a fun introduction to stars! We have learnt that stars come in different colours, they shine for millions of years and they die. The Sun is our nearest star that gives us light and heat! We have also designed our own constellations and have given them names, what a fun craft!

For math this week, we have learnt how to draw the other side of a picture to make it symmetrical. It seemed easy at first but our K3 students struggled with making the picture look cohesive. After the teacher had told everyone that we had to flip the picture as if we were looking into a mirror, all the K3 students understood how to do it immediately! Sometimes you really have to do an experiment to fully understand a concept!

That’s all for this week! See you in the next one!



今週展開新主題: 「交通工具」。幼兒一起分享和發表自己認識的交通工具,同時幼兒亦認識不同在陸地上行走的交通工具,例如巴士丶電車和港鐵等等。老師亦邀請幼兒利用交通工具玩具向大家分享交通工具的名稱和用途。















主題:「認識世界」─ 學習尊重不同膚色、種族和文化的人




1. 學習尊重不同膚色、種族和文化的人

2. 培養互助互愛的態度

3. 認識各國的新年文化及習俗

4. 學習看圖排句的技巧




學習目的: (1) 認識飛機的外型、設施及用途

(2) 能說出乘搭渡輪的安全規則

(3) 樂於與同伴模擬乘搭飛機的程序

普通話兒歌 PN





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