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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 13)


The PN students are off to a new adventure as the new topic this week is about transportation. They learnt that buses, cars, vans and bicycles travel on land. Some of the students had fun being inside a big toy bus as they pretended to be the driver or the passenger going to school. For English, they discovered that Window, Wings and Watch all begin with the letter W. The children played a mini game where they had to dig out objects that begin with W in a bowl full of rice. They carefully dug into the bowl like explorers till they found one W object and happily showed it in class. For Math, the PN students met their new shape friend, the Diamond. They realized how different the diamond looks compared to the other shapes. The children engaged in a fun physical game where they had to throw the bean bags towards the diamonds, and they cheered for their friends as they tried their best to aim for the shape.


We’re so excited going into the month of May as there’s so much to look forward to. In Cambridge, we continued our theme of Party Clothes and everyone has started bringing in their own favourite party accessories for ‘Show and Tell’. In Critical Thinking this week, we focused on learning about what we see in the sky at night. The students really enjoyed learning about stars; we pretended to go stargazing using a star projector! Learning the colour ‘gold’ was lovely this week as the students made ‘gold medals’ for themselves because they have all made such great progress this year. We have also been singing and dancing lots this week in anticipation for our Mother’s Day concert; we can’t wait for all our beautiful Mommies to see what we are preparing for them


For Critical Thinking, we are learning about the moon and discussing the different characteristics of the moon. Then we also compare the sizes of the moon with Earth and the Sun. Students are then shown how the sun projects the light onto the moon and then onto Earth.

Then teachers demonstrated how the Earth, Sun and the Moon rotate around each other through videos as well as assigning students to role-play the rotation of the moon, sun and the Earth. The students had a lot of fun creating this rotation, which helps them to build up a stronger understanding of how the moon is seen by us here on Earth.

For Math this week, we are learning about half past and how students can identify the half past (or thirty minutes) by looking at the long hand and identifying the hour (by looking at the short hand). Students are then given further practice through games as well as talking about activities that they will do at certain times in their daily routines.


What a fun week here at ABC! We had our first field trip in such a long time to the Science Museum. We had a wonderful time looking at all the cool displays and interactive games. For our Critical Thinking this week we got to choose a planet from our solar system, and got learn even more cool and exciting things about our planets. Did you know it may rain diamonds on our icy giants, Uranus and Neptune? In Math this week, we continued our talks about lines of symmetry, focusing on horizontal lines of symmetry. So now we know the difference between vertical and horizontal lines. In our Physical Play time we worked on our gross motor skills by practicing tossing and bounce-passing balls to our friends. We hope you all will a great rest of your week!

PN 主題「交通工具」





1. 能夠製作紙盒汽車

2. 認識乘坐港鐵的過程

3 享受放紙飛機的樂趣







2) 探索推動小船的方法

3) 知道空中交通工具能到地球以外的地方


主題:「認識世界」─ 認識「世界之最」的事物




1. 認識世界之最的事物

2. 找出班中之最,提升幼兒的比較能力和觀察能力

3. 學習重組句子的技巧




另外,透過觀察和討論,小朋友也發現輪子的形狀和路面的斜度與車子行走速度有著什麼關係? 而且也跟老師一起探索了輪子上的坑紋究竟是有什麼作用呢!



(2) 知道輪子上有坑紋的原因

(3) 探索不同的路面與輪子滾動速度的關係

普通話兒歌 PN





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