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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 15)


Our young learners continue to focus on transport as they discover ways and means of travelling through water. The list of transports discussed in class consists of boats, submarines, ships and ferries. The children engaged in sensory play prepared by their teachers using paper boats and a tray of water. They were given the chance to choose the kind of boat they wanted to place into the tray. Using their fingers, they carefully moved the paper boats around the tray like real boats in the sea. For English, it was all about the letter X. They discovered words that begin with X such as X-ray and Xylophone. Pictures of X-rays were placed on their bodies making it seem like they could see the bones in their bodies. For Math, the PN students learnt how objects are same or different through a sorting game. Several groups of objects were laid on the floor and they used their analytical skills to decide which one is the odd one out. Our little ones are having a blast learning new things this week.


It’s been a wonderful week full of lots of fun and an exciting new Critical Thinking topic. To start of our ‘Plants and Insects’ theme, we spoke about plants and how we can take care of them. It was lovely to see how much our students already knew and how much they appreciate nature in our environment. In Cambridge, we are wrapping up our final unit of ‘Party Clothes’ by discussing the different things we see and do at parties, in particular, all the yummy food we can eat. We tied this into our Phonics practice by paying attention to the beginning sound of some of these delicious food items. Math was really exciting as we explored another new shiny colour ‘silver’. We also practiced the concept of ‘number sense’; being able to gauge quantities without having to count them. We concluded our week with a sporty birthday party where everyone enjoyed sharing their favourite sport with their friends.


This week for Critical Thinking we have been talking about plants. First, we looked at the different parts of a plant and got to label them on a worksheet. We also went over the process of planting a seed. Some children suggested bringing in their own seeds and growing a plant together as a class, which we thought was a wonderful idea. This process also helps us to investigate how plants grow and what plants need to grow. Finally, we can look at the vegetables that we eat and examine how they grow into plants.

For Math this week, we are exploring the concept of subtraction. Students are given different objects and being asked to “take away” the objects to find the remaining quantity. They are also taught how subtraction works by using their fingers.

We look forward to seeing every one at our Family Fun Day this Saturday!


Welcome back everyone! This week has been eventful for our exemplary friends! For Critical Thinking, we learned about the largest group of animals in the world, which are the insects! Our students were excited to know more about their special body parts and how these body parts work and benefit our little friends!

Then for Math, our friends have been introduced to Fractions. With the use of the things around them, they began to understand what makes up a whole and halves. Then, our friends began to tackle Subtraction, this time how to borrow from one digit to another within 20.

Our friends this week went for an adventure to the Yakult Factory in Tai Po! We had a blast learning how Yakult was made, where it all started and how beneficial Yakult is to our digestive system. Our students were very attentive during the discussions. It was impressive to see them all engaged!

It has been an action-packed week filled with much fun and happy learning! Looking forward to more of these with our eager beavers next week! See you all!






1. 嘗試進行「放小船遊戲」







1) 認識夏天和冬天的衣服款式。

2) 選出自己喜愛的衣服顏色。

3) 享受一同製作平面衣服的過程。






1. 認識消防員的制服和裝備

2. 認識消防員的救火工具

3. 學習發生火警時的應變方法

4. 培養幼兒有防火意識






(1) 認識香港的流通貨幣的面值和特徵

(2) 認識不同的付款方法

(3) 懂得珍惜和感恩

普通話兒歌 PN





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