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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 18)


Hello everyone! Our PN classes are continuing with the theme, Nature, this week; we are learning about parks, camping, and different kinds of flowers in the park, like roses, sunflowers, and tulips. The children played a fun mini game which was vital in helping the kids understand both the colour and type of flower; the game involved them going through a bowl of pompoms and piece by piece they were able to identify the hidden flowers in the pompom box, and the children were excited to find these hidden flowers, identified their colors, and show them to their friends. For English, we revised letters X, Y and Z where we played a fun physical game that involved jumping on the letters placed in hula hoops. For Math, we revised numbers 1 - 10. Our little ones had lots of fun counting different objects in the classroom. Amazing job PN class!


This week went by so fast as we had many fun activities. For Critical Thinking, our students learnt all about sharks and we focused on their body parts and discussed their features like their fins, sharp teeth and strong bodies. Our students were absolutely amazed by the incredible sharks and how they all come in different sizes and shapes. We made some cute headbands of sharks which they absolutely loved! For Math, we mixed red and blue to create a beautiful shade of purple. We also revised our numbers from 10-17 and did our counting to 18. J For Phonics, we reviewed from /p/ to /t/ sounds and reviewed related vocabulary. For English, we also reviewed things we can find at home such as sofa, cupboard, curtains and more. The students were also able to differentiate the different types of furniture we see at home and at school.


It is the beginning of Summer and our K2 students are being creative on how they beat the heat in Physical Play. Students enjoyed their play time by creating an imaginary swimming pool with loads of different things they can find in the play area. How are you dealing with the heat?

This week is another brand-new week of learning. In English lesson we started the week with a topic on body parts. We created monsters and talked about them with our friends. We learned to describe their body parts and talk about the colours too. We practiced our Show and Tell skills by talking about our monsters and their body parts.

We learned a new way of group counting this week in Math lesson. We now know how to count in groups of 10s as well 2s and 5s. We would play grouping games in class depending on what number our teachers say. See you next week for another blog!


Welcome to week 18 every one! In this week, our K3 students learned all about threats to the ocean. We looked into different kinds of pollution and human activities, and how they can disturb the sea animals and their habitats. We also talked about how we can help save our ocean! We can reduce plastic wastes, volunteer to clean beaches, conserve water and so on. Let’s protect our ocean together!

For Cambridge, we explored different countries around the world. We looked at different flags and some of our K3 students immediately recognised the Flag of China! We’ve also continued to learn how to use past tense to express ourselves and ask questions. Did you know that Brazil is well known for their football team?

For Math, we looked into on fractions a little bit more and did subtraction with borrowing.

What a fruitful week! We can’t wait to learn more in the next one!














1) 認識處理不同衣物的方法。

2) 嘗試自己收拾衣服。

3) 享受製作環保袋的過程。





1. 認識廚師的的種類、服飾和工具

2. 知道廚師的工作內容及工作地點

3. 懂得使用正確的食具

4. 享受製作食物的樂趣

5. 培養幼兒珍惜食物


主題:「購物樂」─ 探索古代錢幣的演變




(1) 認識古代錢幣的演變

(2) 了解古代的交易方式及好處和壞處

(3) 培養正確的理財觀念

普通話兒歌 PN





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