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Highlights of the Week (22-23 Term 2 Week 2 )


Hello everyone! This week was great! The PN students continued learning this week’s theme ‘Being Healthy’ and it was about other ways to stay healthy. Some of the ways they have learned to stay healthy are brushing their teeth and doing exercises. The PN students sang ‘This Is the Way We Brush Our Teeth’ and mimicked how to brush their teeth. Mr. Teeth came in as well to help the PN students to practice. Our Cambridge friends Pippa and Pop told a story about Picky Peter where we learned about healthy and delicious foods. They also practiced saying ‘Thank you’ and ‘No, thank you’ in different situations. For English, the PN students learned the letter P and some ‘P’ words like Parrot, Pig, Pencil, Picnic, and Pot. For Math, the PN students learned the number 7 by counting from 1-7 and matching the objects to the right number. They did a marvelous job!


This week went by in a flash. For Cambridge, we reviewed Farm Animals and their names and learnt how to say sentences such as “ I like... “ and “ My favourite ... is ...” Our students did a great job and were able to grasp the concept really fast. For Maths, we learnt patterns this week, asking our students what comes next in a pattern. They all enjoyed learning patterns so much and were able to do a very great job at it.

For Critical Thinking, our theme was Kindness and Respect so our students learnt all about how to provide a helping hand, and how to help the elderly around them. Along with that, we also had our Grandparents Day at school, and it was great to see such beautiful bonds between grandparents and their grandchildren. Our students were extremely delighted to see their grandparents join them at school to do various activities. It was amazing to see our students having such a fruitful week at school.


What a busy week but fun week of learning! This week we continued our lesson on addition up to 5. Students took turns between adding objects from two boxes and checking their partners’ answers. It was a good and active lesson for Math this week. During Phonics lessons, students recalled their sounds by playing a game. Everyone walked around the table and chose a card. If they say the correct sound, they earn a point. At the end of the game whoever earns the most points win a star on the chart. We continued our phonics lesson on learning to write sentences. We learned that there are three things we need to remember when writing, capital letter at the start, finger spaces in between words and a full stop at the end.

Finally, we learned a very important lesson through a story we discussed in Cambridge lesson. We learned that it’s important to slow down and take our time. It doesn’t matter if we are first or last. What matters is we slow down, take our time so that we won’t hurt others and make mistakes.


Welcome to week 2! In this week, our K3 students have learned about Citizenship. We talked about what makes a good citizen and how to prevent becoming a bad one! Good citizens respect each other, follow the rules and are willing to lend a hand to the ones in need!

For Math, we have learned to how to weigh an object and identify the heaviest one among a few items. We also learned how to do addition with carry-over! When you add up the two numbers in the ‘ones’ column and you get a two-digit answer, you carry over to the ‘tens’ column!

In our English class, we have talked about different subjects and what they are about. It seems like a lot of us are interested in science!

We cannot wait to learn more new things! See you next week!





學習目的 :

1. 認識鼻子的功能及保護方法

2. 認識手的功用及保護方法

3. 認識腳的功用及保護方法




學習目的 :

1. 認識公雞和母雞的特徵。

2. 能配對農場不同動物的圖片。

3. 說出農場裡,有(動物名稱)的句式。


主題:「植物與小昆蟲」 - 認識有趣的植物品種及身體結構



(1) 能說植物各部分的名稱

(2) 知道植物生長必經過程

(3) 知道植物各部分的功用





學習目的: (1) 認識郊野公園的告示及標誌

(2)能說出郊遊時處理垃圾的正確方法 (3) 能欣賞在大自然中可聽見的不同聲音

普通話兒歌 PN





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