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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 22)


It has been our last incredible book week. The story for this week was Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we had tremendous fun reading the story and playing games regarding it. We were so excited to invite the bear family into our classroom and had fun ‘cooking’ and ‘feeding’ porridge to the hungry bears. Goldilocks wasn’t there so the bears got to eat their fresh porridge. Also, we enjoyed taking turns to make a chair and a bed for Baby Bear with blocks. For English we revised letters from P to T and had so much fun going on a letter hunt together with our friends all around the classroom. What an amazing week for the PN class!

K1 We’re so excited to be in our last month of the academic year as we have lots of exciting games and activities planned leading into the summer. In Critical Thinking, we are learning about how we can be safe and take care of ourselves while enjoying summer activities with our families. The students were really excited to talk about their sunglasses, sunhats and umbrellas and where they love to go with their family during the summer. We enjoyed some stories this week that had lots of pictures and very few words, encouraging our students to use their imagination to tell their classmates their own version of the story. In Math, we continued mixing colours as we mixed red and white to make a new colour, pink! The week concluded with a really ‘cool’ summer themed birthday party to get us all in the mood for a lovely summer holiday! We look forward to continuing the fun and activities next week.


This week during Critical Thinking we have been reflecting on summer and everything that means, from the warm weather to the holidays to the delicious treats that are perfect for cooling us down. Our lessons have been full of fun crafts, exercising the students’ creativity, fine motor skills and understanding of the summer season, particularly the fun activities involving fun under the sun. We found time to make ice popsicles with special craft paper, giving students the chance to play around with tropical colors reflecting their favorite flavors. And what better way to represent summer than with our own mini-beach models, equipped with sand, water and our own unique surfboards! During Maths lessons, we have practiced our understanding of numbers with some basic revision of bigger vs smaller numbers, as well as continued our understanding of odd vs even numbers up to 10.


Hello mommies and daddies! The last month of kindergarten is here. Our students have been getting ready for their next step in their academic careers and are ready for the next challenge! We have had a great week here at school with our last Pathfinders awards and our last birthday party. In our Maths, we have been continuing to review past skills, with this week being able to fill out a number chart 1-100. We put an emphasis on the odd and even numbers. We also have begun our summer talk in our Critical Thinking class with what some of our students’ plans are between kindergarten and primary. For our Physical Play this week, we have been diligently practicing our dances for graduation and cannot wait to show you all the great moves we’ve learned! We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we will see you all very soon for graduation!





(1) 認識暑假各種不同的暑期活動

(2) 製作暑期活動已向卡

(3) 學習遊戲規則







2) 能根據各種情境分辨個人和集體遊戲



主題:「快樂的我」─ 認識不同的情緒,成為情緒的主人














學習目的: (1) 回顧幼稚園生活的點滴



普通話兒歌 PN





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