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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 23)


As the school year is about the end, the PN students are taking advantage of their last week to review all the units in their Pippa and Pop Cambridge book. For English, they finally finished learning the whole Alphabet. The children got a chance to review their letters in a fun way by choosing one letter that was written on the board and thinking of a word that begins with it. Most of the children thought of animals and they had a good laugh acting them out. They continued to gain a deeper understanding of the Math concepts through various activities and games. Since this month’s theme is all about Summer, the children got to pretend that they were at the beach and played games with their friends. The PN students are all excited for the upcoming Year-End Party and Summer holiday happening next week.

K1 It’s been an incredible week as we have enjoyed playing lots of games to wrap up the year. In Cambridge, we read a story named ‘The Giving Tree’ and discussed the importance of sharing and how it would make our friends feel. This story tied in well with our mismatch socks week, which encouraged discussion about how we have a lot of fun with our friends because we are all different and learn so much from one another. In Math, we revised counting and played games that helped us recognize and remember the numerals from 1-20. Critical Thinking was the highlight of our week as we spoke about sun safety and had a mini picnic! We cannot wait for our final week and especially our party on the last day!


This week was our “Anti-Bullying” week and we discussed how to value individual differences and portray a positive attitude towards our friends. Firstly, students identified the differences between themselves and their friends. i.e. their hair length, body features, favourite colours / hobbies, family members etc. Then, we introduced the concept of “bullying”. We talked about different bullying scenarios and did role-playing to gain a better understanding. We also discussed ways or actions to take if we ever experience bullying.

For Math this week, we learned about odd numbers. Students now know that odd numbers are numbers ending in “1,3,5,7,9” and they played games and did worksheet practice to fill in odd numbers in a sequence.


The final week is upon us folks! We have had such a great time this year. Thank you all for all the support you have given us, the teachers, and your children throughout the year. We cannot wait to show you all what we’ve been working on for graduation! It’s always bittersweet this time of year, but we are sure that our students will continue their success throughout the remainder of their academic careers. Also, please, come by whenever you would like to come back and say, “Hello!” For our Math’s this week, we continued to review past skills this week being tallying and how to read bar charts and pictograms. For Critical Thinking this week we discussed our favourite parts of the school year. We heard everything from the birthday parties to field trips, and of course, physical Play time J. We hope to see you all at the graduation on Friday, and as we said before, thank you mommies and daddies for all your support.













1) 認識桌上遊戲的種類

2) 認識合作遊戲的玩法

3) 知道玩遊戲時過程比結果更重要


主題:「快樂的我」─ 常懷感恩





1. 常懷感恩的心

2. 懂得與家人彼此互相關心愛護

3. 認識「分享」、「感恩」、「關心」、「體諒」的讀音及字義,並舉例說明





學習目的: (1) 知道暑假快將來臨



普通話兒歌 PN





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