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Highlights of the Week (22-23 Term 2 Week 3)


Hello everyone! This was an interesting week for the PN students! They are on their last week’s theme of ‘Being Healthy’ and they learned about different fruits and vegetables. They did a role play where they pretended to be in a supermarket and chose some healthy foods to put inside their baskets. They also made a healthy meal by putting lots of delicious fruits on their plate. Yummy! The PN students reviewed some of the vocabulary words like biscuits, milk, juice, and sandwiches with their Cambridge friends Pippa and Pop by matching the pictures to the right foods. For English, they had a blast reviewing the letters L, M, N, O, and P through a fun fishing game. For Math, the PN students learned a new shape - oval. Can’t wait to see what the little ones get to do next week!


For Cambridge this week, we talked all about animals and their natural habitats. Since our kids were able to recognize most of the animals, we went through the details of animals in their different habitats. For Maths, we reviewed our patterns from the previous week and learnt all about the number 12 by counting various things. We also reviewed all colours such as pink, black and white. For Critical Thinking we talked about how to be brave; we demonstrated an activity of trying to balance on a skateboard where we learn to try new things and to overcome the fear of falling! We even read The Three Little Pigs and got our students to explain how brave the pigs were. They truly enjoyed this week and we look forward to more fun adventures at school next week.


We started a new week with a brand-new topic in our Cambridge Lesson - Toys. We brought more of our favourite toys from home and had an extensive show and tell to kick start the topic. The students got to talk about how to play with their toys and allowed their friends to play their toys as well in the playground.

We continued counting from 51 to 70 in our Math lessons. We learned how to recognize the numbers and learned to identify which numbers come next. Students played a number game where they put the cards in order all on their own without the help of the teachers. We also continued our lesson in addition where we can now add numbers up to 5 without pictures.

In Critical Thinking we learned a very important lesson on Honesty. Ask your child what honesty means and they should come up with a few scenarios to show what it means. The topic was emphasized more through a famous fable called ‘A Boy who Cried Wolf’. Some were even smart enough to connect the topic of honesty to Pinocchio. This week’s topic taught us that we shouldn’t lie and to always tell the truth. If we often tell lies, no one will believe us in the end even when we are telling the truth.


Welcome to week 3! In this week, our K3 students have learned about Perseverance; it means never give up! Sometimes it takes a few tries to finish or achieve something, but that only happens when we don’t give up! Just like when we fall down, we get back up and continue walking. We made bookmarks to remind ourselves to never stop trying!

For Maths, we have learned about what volume means and where to look for the volume on containers. We have also learned how to tell which container has a bigger volume by looking at the number next to ‘ml’ or ‘l’ ’and judging by the size of the container. We had fun looking for the volumes on different bottles!

We look forward to learning new things next week! See you then!






學習目的 :

1. 認識衣服的功用

2. 認識不同衣服的質料

3. 懂得分別衣服的種類




學習目的 :

1. 認識農場的未音和字形。

2. 認識胎生和卵生動物。

3. 能分辨胎生和卵生動物。


主題:「植物與小昆蟲」 - 認識不同的昆蟲

今週進入「植物與小昆蟲」主題第三週,老師與幼兒探討不同昆蟲的身體特徵,老師透過簡報請幼兒先觀察,認識哪種昆蟲的名稱,幼兒十分踴躍舉手說:「我看見有蝴蝶!」、「我看見有蜜蜂!」、「我看見有飄蟲!」接著有幼兒說:「蜻蜓有兩對翅膀!」、「蜜蜂對眼睛很大呀! 」



(1) 能說昆蟲身體各部分的名稱

(2) 能說出昆蟲身體各器官分別的位置

(3) 知道昆蟲翅膀為對稱花紋






學習目的: (1) 重溫植物健康生長的必要條件

(2) 認識一些常見瓜果的種子

(3) 培養幼兒要愛護花草樹木

普通話兒歌 PN





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