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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 4)

PN Hello everyone! Our PN classes have started talking about Animals, specifically Pets this week. We sang along to a pet song with our Cambridge friends, Pippa and Pop, while learning the different pet names. We also talked about the different pets we’d like to have, and there were some fascinating choices. We learned how to take care of and be gentle with a pet dog as well. For English, the students learned a new letter, the letter Q and learned some vocabulary words like Queen, Quiet, Quick, Quail, and Quilt. For Math, we learned a new shape – the star where we pretended to be stars and danced to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. What a great way to end the week! Great job, little ones!


It was so nice to see some of our children coming back to ABC with such a HUGE SMILE on their faces with the mask mandate being lifted. For Cambridge, we talked about food such as sausages, carrots, chips etc. and what our students like to eat and practiced to use sentences such as “I like…” and “I don’t like…”. It was marvelous to see how our students were able to tell us what healthy meals they eat at home and what’s not good for their health and should be avoided. For Phonics, we explored with the /k/ and /l/ sounds and reviewed related vocabulary. For Critical Thinking, we reviewed the concept of Bravery by asking students to put their hands into a mystery box with different unknown objects inside. We wanted to encourage our children to be brave enough to put their hands inside and guess what the objects are. They did an amazing job! For Maths, we started learning about patterns such as (jump, clap, sit and repeat) and we also did number 13 by counting 13 different things and gathering 13 things and counting them with our friends.

We look forward to a fruitful month of March in the coming weeks.


This week for Critical Thinking we are reading a fairy tale called “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” which involves three brother goats trying to cross the bridge to eat the grass on the other side. A troll lived under the bridge but each time the goats passed by the bridge, they didn’t get frightened but showed bravery and strength to defeat the troll at the end. The students became really interested in the story so when we performed a play of this story, each student knew what they had to say and became very eager to say their lines and performed some actions related to the story. We had a lot of fun role-playing the different parts of the story.

For Math, we are learning addition up to 10 by using several methods such as finger counting, using objects and using the number line. Students were first using objects to count to understand the concept of addition and then they can practice addition questions using the number lines.


Hello everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful week, we sure did here at school! This week in our Critical Thinking lessons we have begun to discuss fairy tales and the meaning behind them, the moral of the story. We focused on one particular story this week, “The Nightingale.” We learned it’s important to love and appreciate the things dearest to you. Try to find more morals in different stories with your child at home! In our Maths lessons this week we continued to build upon our addition with carryover with the introduction of adding larger numbers, within 50. We have been challenging ourselves in class to try even larger numbers! We also have begun our Hong Kong money unit. This week we introduced the different values of all the Hong Kong ‘notes’ or ‘bills.’ We all agreed the $1000 note is our favourite! In our Physical Play, we tied in our fairy tales into games we can play in the gym. We played “What Time is It Mr. Wolf,” a hunt for lost treasure, and a version of ‘Simon Says’ called “The King/Queen’s Decree.”














學習目的 :

1. 認識農夫的工作和職責。

2. 說出植物成長的元素。

3. 享受製作手工的過程。


主題:「植物與小昆蟲」 - 認識益蟲和害蟲



(1) 認識益蟲和害蟲

(2) 認識公園常見的標誌及事物

(3) 培養公德心





(1) 認識昆蟲的身體結構

(2) 認識不同昆蟲的成長形態

(3) 認識不同的自我保護技能

普通話兒歌 PN





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