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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 5)


Hello everyone! Our PN classes are continuing with the theme, Animals, this week; we are learning about a new kind of pet, a cat. Our PN classes got a new toy pet cat in which we discovered how a cat looks and how it sounds. We played a game with our Cambridge friends, Pippa and Pop where we looked for different pets in the classroom. For English, the letter of the week was R. Mr. Rabbit invited our PN classes to go to the rabbit hole to find objects that start with the letter R and this was how we learned some vocabulary like Rabbit, Robot, Rainbow, and Red. For Math, our little ones were introduced to a new concept – On and Under. The children had fun putting this concept into practice by placing the class pets on or under the table. Awesome job this week!


We have so much to look forward to in this lovely month of March. For our Cambridge theme of ‘Food’ we explored the different ways in which we can express our likes and dislikes for food. We practiced expressing our preferences with the sentence ‘’I like…’’ or ‘’I don’t like…’’; it was lovely to hear all of our students speaking in full sentences! We also worked on our fine motor skills by drawing happy faces for foods that we like and sad faces for those that we don’t like. Critical Thinking took us on a ‘ride’ this week as we looked at different modes of land transport and spoke about what they look like in Hong Kong. The students really enjoyed sharing their experiences of how they come to school and the modes of transport they enjoy taking. We made our own red, green and blue HK taxis and told our friends where these taxis can take us; most of the K1s wanted to take their taxis to Disneyland! In Math this week, we continued to explore patterns and also practiced counting to the number 14. The highlight of Math this week was mixing white and black to make a new colour: grey! Our week ended with a colourful ‘spring’ themed birthday party; it was lovely to have our birthday parents in class celebrating with all of us!


During Week 5’s Critical Thinking lessons we are learning about different modes of water transport. The students recognized some familiar water vehicles like sail boats, fishing boats and even Hong Kong’s very own Star Ferry. They especially loved to share their experiences with the class about riding the ferry across Victoria Harbour. They also learned about some new vehicles, like how cruise ships can hold hundreds of people at once, or how submarines can dive and sail under the water while keeping all the crew safe and dry. It was clear to see everyone using their imagination to reflect on what vehicles they would most like to sail on. We are making a sail boat craft, which involved the students colouring and cutting out different shapes, then folding and sticking them together to create.

In Maths, we have continued our practice of addition sums up to ten. Students have been improving their recognition of the numbers and have had the opportunity to use realia such as putting beads on a string to symbolize the units.


Hello again everyone! What a great week here at ABC! We have begun our Classroom Pet Adventures! We cannot wait to see what kind of things you all will try. In our Critical Thinking lessons this week, we discussed different types of water transportation. We focused on different types of large water transportation, such as a cruise ship! We even designed our very own cruise ship. Ask your child what they wanted on their ships. We had some great ideas! For Maths this week we built upon our discussion of money and how to purchase something with exact change. We used our addition knowledge to help us! During our Physical Play lessons, we continued to work on our strength by doing push-ups for upper body, wall-sits for lower body, and finally burpees for our whole body.





學習目的: (1) 認識基本的四大類食物

(2) 認識健康飲食金字塔

(3) 認識幼兒生活經驗中常見的五穀類食物及其名稱





1. 知道食物對身體的重要性。

2. 知道雞蛋和牛奶是有益的食物。

3. 認識均衡飲食的重要性。


主題----「小小科學家」 今週開展了一個新的主題「小小科學家」。本週中,通過大大小小的趣味實驗讓幼兒探索到水和紙的不同特性。他們主動尋找不同材質的紙去進行測試,並觀察它們對於水的吸附性。另外,小朋友還接觸了一個新的繪畫方式—「拒水畫」。過程中,他們都很享受作畫的過程並好奇作品背後的原理。 活動中可見,他們對於實際操作抱持著極大的興趣。另外,本週仍繼續重溫時、地、人和事之間的句子組合。小朋友開始能根據老師提供的字詞去進行造句,並準確地分拆出句子內涵蓋的語文元素。最後,他們還接觸了一個新的成語故事「紙上談兵」。 學習目的:


2. 能運用老師提供的字詞去造句

3. 能用畫筆沾上水彩為作品掃上底色






(1) 認識水的不同形態(液體、固體、氣體)的性質及變化

(2) 初步建立體積守恆的概念

(3) 明白熱脹冷縮的概念

普通話兒歌 PN





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