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Highlights of the Week (22/23 Term 2 Week 6)

PN Hello everybody! We had another fantastic week at school! As we are learning about Pets (Fish), it was very exciting to see different colours and kinds of fish in the lessons and we really enjoyed pretending to be the fish swimming in the classroom. We also had a chance to talk about the food they eat and the places they live in too! For English, we learned about the letter S and the new words (sun, star, six, and snake). We had so much fun finding all the hidden pictures that start with letter S in the classroom. Every one did a great job because we found all the right pictures! For Maths, we had fun learning about up and down through group games. Simon Says was a class favourite where we got to work on our listening skills. We waited for our teacher to give out instructions to either put our hands up into the air or place our hands down to the ground. There were definitely lots of giggles and laughter in the room as we expressed how much we enjoyed the activity. We are happy to say that it’s been such an exciting week and can’t wait to learn more fun things.


It’s been a fruitful week with all of our activities in K1! We started the week off with everyone bringing in their favourite fruits for a fantastic Show and Tell. We continued our fruity week by talking about the importance of healthy eating and how it keeps us strong. All of our K1 students were very happy to show off their fine motor skills and their pattern knowledge by making delicious fruit skewers which they enjoyed during snack time. We enjoyed learning about sea and air transport in Critical Thinking this week and practiced our sorting skills by matching transport to where we can find them. We also continued to practice our counting by counting to 15 this week! It’s been a wonderful week and we look forward to more fun next week.


This week for Critical Thinking we are looking at Air Transport. The students were able to name the most common types of these air transport but they became particularly interested in rockets and spaceships. Students were shown how the rocket is launched into Space but also what the inside of a spaceship and a rocket looks like. In addition, they were taught the concept of gravity and the reason why everything floats around in Space. They were shown videos of how astronauts perform everyday routines such as eating, washing their hair or even sleeping inside the spaceship.

For crafts, students were shown how to make a paper helicopter which resembles the propeller turning as the paper helicopter is dropped from higher up in the air. All of them had a lot of fun making and playing with this craft!


Hello again to everyone! Another week has gone by here at ABC, and we learned a lot in our shortened week. In our Critical Thinking class, we built upon our discussion of cruise ships with a focus on going to different places around the world. We discussed what a ‘landmark’ is, and we took a closer look at some of the most famous landmarks around the globe. We took a look at the Elizabeth Clock Tower in London, England and the large bell housed inside, Big Ben. We also saw the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, and one of the most famous landmarks of China, The Great Wall! During our Maths lessons this week we began to discuss and identify the different coins of Hong Kong. We made sure to differentiate between dollars and cents. Challenge your child to see if they can identify all the different types of money in Hong Kong. In our Physical Play this week, we got to create an obstacle course in our play area. We used our imaginations to make it even more fun. Watch out for lava! We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you all next week.




(1) 鞏固要多吃蔬果的概念

(2) 認識由水果製成的食物

(3) 認識水果切開和未切開的樣子





1. 認識蔬菜的益處,並鼓勵兒童每天多吃蔬菜

2. 認識水果的益處 並鼓勵兒童每天都有吃水果的習慣


主題----「小小科學家」 今週主題仍圍繞著「小小科學家」進行探究。本週中,老師帶領小朋友探索聲音的產生。他們積極地測試不同物件能產生出的聲音。當中通過物件的碰撞、敲擊和搖動。其次,老師以影片讓幼兒初步了解到耳朵內的結構,主要分為外、中和內耳三個部分。過程中,他們分組討論損害和保護聽力的行為分別有哪些。並與其他組別的小朋友互相商討和分享個人的見解。 另外,本週仍繼續溫習時、地、人和事之間的句子組合。小朋友靈活地運用學過的字詞去組成不同含義的句子。活動中可見,大部分小朋友已掌握得十分醇熟!最後,這週的成語故事是「因小失大」,提醒人們不能因為貪圖小利益而造成大損失。 學習目的:

1. 說出如何保護聽覺的方法

2. 以時、地、人和事進行造句

3. 初步認識耳朵的構造







(1) 觀察光源距離與影子大小的關係

(2) 探索光源方向與影子位置的關係

(3) 了解皮影戲的特徵及製作過程

普通話兒歌 PN





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