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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 10)


Hello friends! The PN children are on their final week of learning about Family. We started off the week with reading a story - Bear’s Busy Family. We got to act like the bear family and did various activities together to celebrate Baby Bear’s birthday! For English, we talked about a new letter which was the letter E and its related words such as Egg, Envelope, Elephant and Exit. We all had fun dancing like elephants while saying the letter E. Look at us! Stomp, stomp, stomp! We also had a chance to make the elephant craft with our friends during the small group time! For Math, we explored the concept of ‘long’ and ‘short’ to compare the lengths of the different things in the classroom. We had a sorting activity which was about sorting long and short things into different baskets. It was really interesting! That’s it for this incredible week! We are excited to see everyone again next week!


It’s been a ‘spooktacular’ week in school as our K1s have really enjoyed our Halloween related activities. We did some pumpkin carving the day before Halloween, which was a first for many of us. It was a fun and messy experience as we scraped the guts out of the pumpkin and then carved out some scary features. Cambridge was interesting this week as we delved deeper into our topic of body parts by sketching outlines of some of our friends on giant pieces of paper and then guessed whose outline it was. In phonics we continued learning our big letters S, T and U through some fun and hands on games. In Math, we explored the concept of “more” and “fewer” by comparing different groups of objects. It’s been an absolutely wonderful week and we can’t wait to see what the rest of November has in store for us!


This week we had a fantastic Halloween party on Tuesday and everyone dressed in stunning costumes gathering with their teachers and friends and enjoying their “Trick and Treat” activity and fashion show performance.

Prior to Halloween, we talked about the activities or different characters relating to Halloween. Students were indeed extremely familiar with this activity and all the different scary characters. We drew some of those scary characters such as the scarecrow, the Mummy and the bat. Students were shown some “scary faces” examples in which they chose to illustrate on their Halloween drawing.

Then we looked in depth of a particular scary character, the Scarecrow and we looked at a funny story called Making a Scarecrow and we learned that scarecrows were originally created to scare the birds away so they cannot eat the farmer’s crops. Everyone was very engaged in the activity and enjoyed it a lot!


Welcome to week 10! In this week, our K3 students continued to learn about Autumn in our Critical Thinking class. We made a craft using fallen leaves we collected in the park and they are so beautiful! For Math, our students learned how to count backwards from 50. It was a bit tricky without a number line, but once the students have recognised the number pattern, they thought it was easy! For Cambridge, we learned how to tell where things are using prepositions: between, next to, behind and in front of. We can describe a picture with more details now! It was such a fun week, we got to see everyone dress up in different costumes! We’ll see you next week!







1. 能與人分享上學去的方法

2. 認讀秋天的景象

3. 重溫「耳」的字形和字義











今週是「動物」主題的第二週,幼兒初步掌握到動物的不同習性和外形。通過影片,他們更了解到動物分為胎生和卵生。其次,幼兒透過家長傳送的相片,讓他們回想起接觸小動物的美好經歷。介紹的途中也激發了其他小朋友的好奇心,令他們主動提問。 另外,老師引領小朋友認識左右結構的字,包括左右均等、左寬右窄和左窄右寬等。他們更嘗試以虛線去分割開不同的字。最後,透過尋寶遊戲與幼兒重溫部首「木、艸」,他們獨自去辨認字卡是屬於甚麼部首並放入相應的籃子中。


1) 能辨認出字卡相屬的部首

2) 能分享自己接觸小動物的經歷

3) 能說出字形的結構


主題: 「幫助我們的人」


學習目的: 1)認識不同的職業(包括父母的職業)



普通話兒歌 PN





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