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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 11)


Hello everyone! The PN children had such a great time learning the theme My Five Senses this week. We started off this week with reading a story – Our Eyes Can See. We got to look at different things around the classroom with our eyes! For English, we talked about a new letter, the letter F. We learnt words such as fish, food, fan and flower. We had so much fun pretending to play the flute with our friend Fifi the ferret for further reinforcement of the letter F! Our PN children also had the chance to make some flower craft to decorate our classroom. For Math we talked about the number 4, and we were able to count and find 4 different shapes while playing a matching game! That’s it for our fun-filled week! We are excited to see more fun-learning next week!


Our week’s been busy as we started our exciting unit of ‘Senses’ in our Cambridge and Critical Thinking lessons. In Cambridge, we focused more on the vocabulary and practiced using them in sentences such as “I use my hands to touch”. In Critical Thinking, we used our senses in various games and experiments that encouraged us to focus on using one sense at a time. We had the most fun using our sense of taste this week as we tried lemons and sugar to see what sweet and sour flavours feel like on our tongue. We also tried some delicious lemonade which we can make by using lemons and sugar; please feel free to try this at home with them too! In Math, we enjoyed learning our new shape and colour through a story in which an orange monster was looking for all his favourite oval objects. It was a lovely way to reinforce the colour and shape of the week. Our week ended with an exciting birthday party where we enjoyed showing off our ‘crazy’ hairstyles and hats!


It was a “crazy” week in K2 this week with excitement rapidly gaining momentum as the week progressed. In our Cambridge lessons we continued to discuss and share with our friends what we ate at different times of the day. This got our tummies growling but thankfully our snack time was shortly after the lesson, and to our joy, one of the snacks on the menu for the week was cereal.

This week we started learning to write our names by ourselves, this encouraged us to strengthen our sounds and work consistently with persistence during phonics lessons so that we could confidently write not just our own names but our friends’ names as well.

Maths lessons were a lot of fun filled with many creative activities and games where we practiced placing our numbers in the correct order. But definitely, the highlight of the week was our Critical Thinking lessons where we made an Ooblek to reinforce the concept of Solids vs Liquids by using one of our five senses - Touch.

Finally, the long-awaited Friday arrived and we got to celebrate our November birthday party by dressing up in our crazy hats and crazy hair.


Hello, everyone! We had another fantastic week here at ABC. It’s the start of a new month, and with that comes a new unit in our Critical Thinking. This month we will focus on our five senses and how they help our brains decipher the world around us. Challenge your children to see if they can remember their five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch), and how to use them. For Maths this week we will start discussing how to read clocks differentiating between analog and digital clocks. For our Physical Play this month we will be practicing yoga poses. Our students are excited to teach their mommies and daddies how to do each pose! Have a wonderful rest of your week, and we’ll see you all later!






1. 認識陸地上動物的名稱

2. 知道陸地上動物的外形與特徵

3. 認識「日」的字形和字義










今週依舊圍繞著「動物」主題,幼兒開始探索居住在森林內的動物。透過小遊戲,小朋友輪流去描述和模仿動物的外形特徵和行走方式,並讓其他小朋友進行猜測。其次,老師引導小朋友去認識頻臨絕種的動物,並令他們互相討論和反思人類應該如何去對待和保護動物,例如不要亂拋垃圾去破壞動物的居住環境。 另外,老師亦與小朋友共讀繪本。閱讀完繪本後,老師鼓勵他們進行角色扮演。從而讓他們更深入理解故事內容,並共同去解決故事中老鼠遇到的難題。最後,老師利用字卡和遊戲與幼兒重溫左右結構的字。


1) 能說出森林裏有甚麼動物

2) 認識保護動物的方法

3) 能分辨字形的結構


主題: 「幫助我們的人」







普通話兒歌 K1




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