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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 13)


Hello friends! The PN children had such a fun time learning the theme “My Five Senses” this week. We started off this week with singing the Hearing: 5 Senses Song and got to explore our sense of hearing! We love listening to music with our ears. For English, we learnt all about a new letter - the letter G! We got to talk about different words beginning with G together. What an amazing time we had, swinging like gorillas. For Math, we talked about the square shape and we were able to count and find 4 sides and 4 corners! We also found lots of things in our classroom that’s the shape of a square! That’s all for our fun-filled week! See you next time!


We have had a great time having everyone around to see our lessons. For Critical Thinking this week, the K1 students were very good at using their observation skills as we used different classroom objects, fruits and vegetables to see which ones can sink or float in water.  As we have finished all of our alphabet names last week, everyone has been very busy reviewing all of our large letter names through fun activities. They have also been practicing their tracing as we finish the last page of our large letter book. We have also started our ‘House’ topic in Cambridge this week, talking about different parts of the house and what we can do in each room. They were very keen on finishing our giant puzzle together and doing some work in their books. Our K1 students showed their thoughtful side in Math this week as they made a beautiful ‘Purple Heart’ for our friendly purple monster for his birthday. We can’t wait to see what else we have in store for next week!


The change of season not only influenced our uniforms but also our Cambridge lessons as we continued to explore the unit on clothing, giving us a chance to discuss how our choice of clothing was dependent on the weather which differs throughout the year as the seasons change.

This week we visited the school library where we saw many colourful and attractive books, we quickly identified the ones we were hoping to read soon, with this in mind we then set our goal for the week to strengthen our phonics sounds and blending so that we could borrow our favourite books to read at home with our parents.

We had a very creative week filled with crafts and experiments in Critical Thinking as we explored the topic of vibration. We not only got to make our own rainbow-coloured xylophone but also got a chance to see rice “jump”. In our Math lessons we reviewed our numbers from 1-20 by engaging in multiple activities such as Hopscotch and many other creative math games.

We had a great week at school as it was not only energetic and fun but we also had a chance to share our classroom learning experience with our parents as they joined us during the week for some of our lessons. We are eagerly awaiting to see what next week has in store for us.


Welcome back dear friends! This week has been action packed for our K3 friends! 

After getting in touch with our five senses last week, we used our senses again to get to know The States of Matter! Our friends had fun identifying what states of matter are and how they can actually change from one state to another. It was thrilling to see their excitement as they observed and predicted in the ‘Chemistry with Balloon Experiment’!

Then for Maths, our friends increased their knowledge of time as we touched and learned about a quarter to! We also discovered more about the hour hand spaces since the hour hand moves as well as the minute hand moves on. Our friends had fun progressing their subtraction knowledge from 15 to 20, as they began to understand the concept of taking away and counting backwards.

Finally, for our Physical Play, our friends continued to focus on their center and balance with new yoga poses! We were brave enough to try the cobra pose, the low lunge and the chair pose this week! It’s nice to see them getting a hang of these skills.

That’s it for this week! We hope that everyone will have an amazing weekend! Remember to stay hydrated, always smile and stay positive and we will see you all again next week! 








1. 認識海裡不同的動物名稱


3. 認識「水」的字形和字義






學習目標: 1 ) 認識多種玩具的名稱

2) 學習辨別物件的異同

3) 認識玩具的質感






學習目的: 1) 認識「健康食物金字塔」

2) 知道 麵粉可製作出不同的食物

3) 培養均衡飲食的態度

4) 培養愛吃蔬菜及水果的態度






1. 認識食物金字塔的種類和食物

2. 知道早、午、晚餐常吃的食物

3. 培養幼兒建立良好的飲食習慣

普通話兒歌 PN





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