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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 14)


Hello everyone! Our PN students had so much fun learning more about the theme - My Five Senses! We took a dive at our sense of smell, ask your child if they like smelling flowers or stinky socks? 😊 In English, we reviewed our colours and we learnt all about the letter H. It was very exciting playing hide-and–seek with our friendly “hippo”. In Math, we learnt about the rectangle by playing a sorting game where we had to find toys in our classroom in the shape of a square and a rectangle. Learning new shapes is so much fun! That’s all for this week! See you next time!


What a wonderful way to finish the month and start our countdown to Christmas! Our K1 students were very keen to explore our final topic for Critical Thinking—Our Ears! They have been very keen to practice their listening skills by guessing which instruments their friends were playing without seeing them. Everyone was very good at identifying which sounds were quiet and loud as well and it was great to see how everyone supported each other throughout the game. As we continue our ‘House’ topic in Cambridge, our K1 students were putting their teamwork skills to the test once again, working together to finish a giant house puzzle. We have been doing quite a bit of revision this week for Math and Phonics as we revisited our large letters, numbers and the shapes we have learned since the start of the year. We look forward to seeing you for Picnic Day this Saturday!


This week for Critical thinking, we were carrying out further experiments of sound vibrations. Students were able to play with different instruments such as the drum, the triangle and the ukulele to see the sound vibration being produced as each instrument was played. Students had a lot of fun making different sounds but they were very excited to see their own sound making vibrations. They had to make a loud sound into a hole cut at the middle of the cup. This made the rice on top of the cup danced around!

In addition, they were able to hear their friends’ voice through a telephone string. Each student took turns to speak and listen; it was very enjoyable!

For Math this week the students learnt about the “=” symbol and how it represents “equal” or “the same amount” to a number. They were also given lots of practice to count different real objects and worked on some counting worksheets.  


Welcome back dear friends! We hope everyone had an awesome weekend since the weather was perfect for a great family bonding! This week has been fun-filled for our K3 friends!

From last week’s State of Matter experiment with balloons, it’s another fun chemistry balloon experiment this week learning about Static Electricity! Our kids had lots of laughs testing static electricity to raise their friends’ hair, pick up tissues and segregate black pepper from salt with the use of the balloon! It was fun seeing our friends being intrigued by how it works! It was definitely an electrifying experience for our K3 friends!

Then for Maths, this week our friends learned about reading grid maps, what they are used for and applying this map to find treasures of their own! Then, our friends practiced and developed more of their subtraction skills as we increased our subtraction knowledge within 20. 

Finally, for our Physical Play, our friends pivoted towards their center and balance with new yoga poses! They found their courage to try the bridge pose, extended side angle pose and the standing forward bend pose! 

And that’s a wrap for this week! We hope that everyone will have a pleasant weekend!






1. 認識寵物的名稱

2. 認識動物的本領—導盲犬

3. 認識「水」的字義和其功能





學習目標: 1) 運用感官探索玩具 2) 能與友伴進行競賽及合作遊戲

3) 能夠遵守遊戲規則




1.    認識消化系統

2.    培養幼兒有良好的飲食習慣和生活作息

3.    認識吃火鍋的工具

4.    辨別生和熟的食物






1. 學懂感謝農夫、運送食物和煮食的人

2. 知道購買食物的地方

3. 學懂閱讀食品包裝紙上的有效日期

普通話兒歌 PN





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