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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 15)


Welcome to our PN blog! This week we had a lot of fun revising the letters G and H. We started off by practicing writing them in the air with our fingers and then moved on to a fun game of “I Spy” where the student had to guess the letter based on the objects shown by the teacher. Next, we discussed the concept of up and down and how it’s important to understand both directions. We played “Simon Says” to reinforce this concept further by asking the students to follow the commands of moving up or down.

Lastly, we discussed the sense of taste and how it’s important to eat healthy foods. We did this with a fun activity where the students had to guess the different flavours of food. Our little friends had a great time tasting different types of fruits and vegetables and guessing which one was which. That’s all for this week’s blog! Stay tuned for next week as we explore more fun and exciting activities.


Greetings, everyone! December has arrived, bringing Christmas closer with every passing day. Our K1 class had an exciting start to the week as we engaged in a delightful Christmas tree craft, adding a festive touch to our classroom. To embrace the holiday spirit, we joyfully sang "Jingle Bells."

For Cambridge, we reviewed the topics of My Body and My Senses. We practiced phrases like "It's got a (big/small) head" and "She's got (curly/straight) hair."

For Phonics, we embarked on the journey of discovering the sounds associated with letters. This week, we learned the sounds /a/, /b/, and /c/.

For Math, we mastered the art of counting up to nine. Additionally, we introduced the concepts of "up" and "down." To expand our knowledge of colours, we introduced shade of pink, and we also introduced the shape "star" to the class.

That concludes our week's adventures. Until we meet again next week, take care and stay warm!


It’s a brand-new month with loads of learning in K2. Our focus this week revolves around the fascinating topic of the five senses and exploring descriptive adjectives. To apply these newly acquired skills, we engaged in an exciting game called Big TV. This interactive activity involved projecting a picture on the board, while the entire class provided detailed descriptions to a volunteer sitting in front. He or she attempts to guess the image based on the descriptions given.

During our Math lesson, we are continuing our exploration of the equal sign. In our Physical Play, students played a game where they placed objects found in the play area into a hoop that matched the corresponding number.

Throughout the week, we’ve been talking about Christmas objects and characters and decided as a class to make a Christmas wreath for our Critical Thinking lesson. Christmas wreaths are big circular objects that decorate the doors of houses during Christmas time. It was a fun way to end the week in full Christmas mode! See you next week for another blog.


Welcome to week 15! In this week, our K3 students learned about shadows in our Critical Thinking class. We talked about what shadows are and made shadow puppets with our hands!

For Math, our students continued to learn about grid coordinates. We played a pirate game and had to find the treasure chest using grid coordinates. We also continued to practice subtractions within 30.

For Cambridge, the K3 students learned all about our faces and how to describe our appearances. They also learned how to express different emotions and ask how others are feeling.

It was such a fun week, we’ll see you in the next one!







1. 認識聖誕節的起源




主題:「玩具真好玩」─ 珍惜玩具





1) 培養幼兒願意分享的品德

2) 學習社交技巧

3) 知道要珍惜身邊的事物




1. 能找出食物的原材料與製成品

2. 對為我們準備食物的人(農夫、漁夫)有感謝的心

3. 認識不同國家的美食

4. 培養珍惜食物的態度





1. 認識世界各地的特色食物

2. 知道一些進餐的不同食具用法

3. 享受製作食物的樂趣







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