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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 16)


Welcome to our PN weekly blog!

This week, our little friends had a blast celebrating Grandparents' Day in a colourful and heartwarming way. The highlight of the week was when our beloved grandparents visited and joined us in creating a vibrant rainbow craft. It was a magical experience filled with love, laughter, and creativity. During this activity, it was sweet to witness the special connection between the children and their grandparents.

 In our English class, we learned about the letter "I". The children also had an exciting activity where they identified different things in the classroom that begin with the letter "I". This helped them reinforce what they learned and strengthened their critical thinking skills. Another concept we introduced this week was the concept of "same" and "different". We provided examples of items that are similar and also those that are different. The children then had a fun activity where they were given pairs of items and had to identify if they were the same or different. This helped the children develop their observation skills and thinking abilities. Finally, we also talked about the weather in Winter. We discussed changes in temperature, snow, and the winter season. The children were then engaged in a winter-themed activity where they had fun creating unique snowflakes. We had so much fun with these activities and can't wait to see what next week has in store for our PN class!

Stay warm and have a great weekend!


Hello, everyone! Following an extended weekend, the students eagerly returned to school, brimming with excitement.

In our Cambridge class, we embarked on a fascinating new topic titled "My Favourite Food." The students thoroughly enjoyed sharing what they like eating the most. Additionally, we focused on the phrase "Can I have ... please."

During our Phonics lessons, we directed our attention towards mastering the sounds of /d/ and /e/. In math we continued to expand our counting skills and we deepened our understanding of the concepts of "up" and "down."

For Critical Thinking, the topic of discussion revolved around Christmas decorations. As a class, we collectively decided to create a Christmas Tree display on our English board.

It was a fun week. Take care and see you all next week!


Yet another week filled with great learning experiences in K2. We kicked off the week by revisiting and reinforcing our knowledge of sounds and sight words. During Phonics lessons, we played a game to remember the sounds and sight words. Each group came to the front, collected a card and helped each other identify the sounds or sight words within their groups. As a group, the students strived to earn points by correctly saying the corresponding sound or word.

In our Math class this week, we delved deeper into numbers by focusing on the numerical range of 21 to 30. We participated in a variety of activities, such as sequencing numbers and matching the numbers to what the teacher says.

Christmas is just around the corner, with only about a week remaining! K2 is filled with excitement as we eagerly carry on the celebrations by making a heartfelt Christmas card for our parents to express our love and gratitude during this festive season.

Hope you had a wonderful week and see you soon in the next blog.


Welcome to week 16! In this week, we introduced all about Christmas in our Critical Thinking class. We talked about Christmas related vocabulary and sang Christmas carols!

For Math, our students learned about the >, < and = symbols. We can tell the > and < symbols apart because they look like crocodile mouths and the crocodile always eats the bigger number! We also played a math game practicing the use of these symbols during Physical Play.

For Cambridge, we learned about the twelve months of the year and sang a song. We also learned when to use ‘our’ and ‘their’ to talk about things we own and things other people own!

It was such a fun week; we’ll see you in the next one!









1. 認識聖誕節的食物






今週,我們展開新主題—「聖誕節」。整個學校都充斥著濃厚的聖誕氣氛,透過觀察和討論學校環境的裝飾和變化,引起幼兒對主題的學習動機。老師跟幼兒分享了傳統的聖誕故事,讓他們知道聖誕節的由來。  同時,幼兒亦認識了不同款式的聖誕咭,他們能分享自己喜歡的聖誕咭種類,也嘗試一同製作聖誕咭送給自己的好朋友,並互相祝福說:「祝你聖誕快樂!



1.  認識聖誕節的由來

2.  能辨別不同款式的聖誕咭

3.  分享自己喜歡的聖誕咭種類

K2 主題----「聖誕節」





1)   認識聖誕節的起源

2) 認識聖誕節的習俗

3) 認識不同國家慶祝聖誕的活動

4) 透過聖誕節,重溫人物和地點名詞






(1) 知道聖誕節的由來

(2)  認識聖誕節節慶活動及相關物品

(3)  培養幼兒關懷別人的態度





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