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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 17)


It’s a wonderful time for the PN students as it’s finally the season of Winter, and Christmas is fast approaching. The students immerse themselves in the spirit of Christmas by creating Christmas Trees and wreaths to decorate the school. For English, they again dove into a world of letters, focusing on the letter J. Through letter crafts, fun songs and storytelling, they built up their vocabulary with words such as Jam, Juice, and Jungle. The young learners also took their time to revisit units 1-3 of their Pippa and Pop book. They continued to enhance their comprehension skills as well as their listening skills by engaging in the interactive games provided by the book. For their math lesson, they continue to discover the magic of numbers by learning the concept of “one more” through fun games. The PN students are excited to spend the Christmas holidays with family and they also wish everyone a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Hello everyone! Welcome to week 17 of our learning journey. With Christmas drawing nearer day by day, the children excitedly shared their plans for celebrating this special holiday with their families and friends.

For Phonics this week, we focused on the sounds /f/ and /g/.

During our Cambridge lessons, we went through a story that emphasized the significance of being helpful. Additionally, we also learned to use the phrase "Do you like...?" and the responses "Yes, I do" or "No, I don't."

In Mathematics, we concentrated on counting up to the number ten. Alongside that, we introduced the colour black, the shape diamond and the concept of “Front” vs “Back”.

That wraps up our activities for this week. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


It's amazing how quickly we've reached the final week of school before the holidays! In our K2 class, we're learning about different kinds of transportation. We learned that transportation can be categorized into three main types: land, water, and air. To enhance our understanding of this topic, we played a game called "Guess the Transportation." During this game, students give hints about a picture and a volunteer has to guess the correct mode of transportation. It was fascinating to see how the students put their heads together to describe the vehicles and some even cleverly used actions instead of words. How clever!

In order to further explore our Cambridge topic, we decided to incorporate Physical Play into our learning. We flew like airplanes in the sky, formed a line to make a train, spun around like the propellers of a helicopter, and even held hands with our friends and swayed back and forth as if we were rowing a boat. By actively engaging in these physical representations, we extended our understanding of different modes of transportation in an enjoyable and interactive way.

K2 students were still in such a festive mood and that got them super excited on putting the final details of their Christmas cards. To keep it going, we decorated our class Christmas tree, placed our presents and gathered around for a wonderful photo. We wish you a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday with your family. See you for another blog in 2024!


Welcome to the last week before our Christmas holiday! In this week, the students have continued to learn all about Christmas in our Critical Thinking class. We played some Christmas themed games and even made a Christmas craft! Everything is so sparkly and festive!

For Math, our students learned about estimation within 100. We can guess the number of objects by looking at the sizes of the container and the content inside. We played “Guess the Marbles” game and learned how to adjust our estimates if it says “too low” or “too high” on the screen to improve the accuracy of our estimation.

We also had our Christmas Party on Friday! We had so much fun exchanging presents and celebrating the joy and wonder of Christmas! We wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful new year! See you in 2024 everyone!

















1.  透過觀察發現環境的變化

2.  認識聖誕節的慶祝方法

3.  感受送禮物表達心意的方法







1)   理解聖誕節的意義是「感恩」和「分享」

2) 認識冬至的日子和來源

3) 認識冬至的應節食物

4) 動手製作湯圓感受節日的氣氛







(1)  在玩樂中體驗過聖誕的快樂

(2)  明白送禮物的意義

(3)  能自信快樂地在人前報佳音

普通話兒歌 PN & K1




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