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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 21)


Hello friends! Welcome to week 21! Our PN children have had another joyful week at school! We continued the theme ‘My Body’ this week, and we had a chance to talk about how to keep the body healthy and strong. We did lots of exercise and kept our body moving in the class, like dancing, stretching and doing obstacle games! Additionally, we learnt about the letter K and its relevant words, such as Kangaroo, King, Key and Koala. We were really thrilled to look for the toy keys around the classroom because we had to use those keys to open some locks to make our learning fun. For Math, we were introduced to a new number which was number 6. We had lots of fun playing the counting game which we had to toss the dice and count the dots on top. That’s everything for this week and we are excited to see what’s in store for us next week!


It’s been a lovely week of activities and games as we continued to explore the themes that we started last week. For Cambridge, we reviewed our weather related vocabulary and read a story together about how we can dress for different weather conditions so we can still go out and enjoy ourselves. The students enjoyed relating this story to their own belongings by telling everyone about their own raincoats, rain boots and umbrellas. Critical Thinking was lots of fun as we spoke about doctors as part of our monthly theme of ‘People who help us’.  We enjoyed role playing doctor-patient scenarios using toys and props to conduct check-ups for each other and we even made our own x-rays by tracing around our hand and using cotton buds to represent our bones! We took a fun approach to math this week as we explored a new shape, semi-circle. It was lots of fun for us to use a familiar shape, circle, and see how we can transform it into a semi-circle by folding it in half. We wish everyone a great weekend and we look forward to see what next week has in store for us.


We continued our learning adventure in K2 this week with plants being the area of study in our Cambridge lessons. In these lessons we used our senses to appreciate the natural beauty of plants whilst learning about what they fundamentally needed to grow. We also continued our weekly trips to the library browsing through the vast selection of books. These trips continued to inspire us to improve our blending by utilizing the “Teacher A – Teacher B method” as a means of gaining confidence in blending.

In line with our theme of “People who help us”, this week we learnt more about the job of a Post man. We also used these lessons to write letters to our classmates.

Our Math lessons had us happily counting our way to 50 whilst also practicing our addition of numbers.

We have had a great week and look forward to what is in store for us next week.


Welcome back friends! This week has been a very amusing one for our K3 friends!

For Critical Thinking, we started off getting to know more about our community helpers. Aside from the paramedics, our friends learned more about mountain rescuers, lifeguards and coast guards. Our friends were very much involved in discussing what they do and how they differ from each other.

Then for Maths, we continue to understand more about our Place Values in Tens and Ones. This time our friends figured out how place value makes the position of a digit in a number. After that, our friends had fun practicing more on their 3-single digit subtractions! 

Finally, our K3 friends took a trip to the Yakult factory! Everyone had fun exploring the environment, understanding and observing how Yakult works and how beneficial probiotics are for our body, especially to our digestive system! 

We can’t wait to share our fun learning again to you all! Until then, see you all next week!








1. 享受模擬放風箏的樂趣

2. 認識「牛」的字形和字義

3. 分辨上中下的空間概念







1. 認識建築設計師和建築工人的工作。

2. 能說出不同國家房屋的名稱。

3. 享受畫畫的樂趣。






1)  能指出句子欠缺的語文元素

2) 能自行設計出不同的交通工具

3) 能依從正確筆順寫出「火車」


主題: 「衣服」小小時裝設計師













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