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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 22)


Hello everyone! Our PN students had a lot of fun this week learning about the theme of "Being Healthy"! We explored various ways to keep our bodies healthy and strong. It was exciting to get our bodies moving as we jumped and marched around the classroom! We remembered that staying active and exercising regularly is important to stay strong!

In our English class, we met our new letter friend "L". We enjoyed the company of Lulu the Lamb through storytelling and action songs. We even danced to a song that was all about llamas!

The number 7 was our focus for the week in Math class. We engaged in fun, hands-on activities to help build up our counting skills. We went on a scavenger hunt looking for 7 ducks and continued to count the toys we had in the classroom. It's always exciting to learn new numbers and count with our friends!

We can't wait to see what exciting things we'll learn next week.


It has been a very busy week for our K1 students as we prepare for the coming Chinese New Year. Our K1 students were very good at making beautiful tree lanterns that we are using to decorate our school. They were also very excited to talk about the holidays in Cambridge class this week, learning new vocabulary and practicing the sentence ‘I can see…’. For Phonics we learned a lot of new sounds such as /n/ and /o/. The K1 students were very good at practicing their writing skills as they tried to trace and write these new sounds. For Critical Thinking, we explored a new occupation – the dentist. We talked about the importance of brushing your teeth and everyone was very proud to show off their toothbrushing skills by practicing on some giant teeth! They have also been very keen on practicing their cutting skills this week as they try and use scissors to finish off our dentist worksheet. For Math, our K1 students did a lot of number and shape revision. They are very excited to start our taco craft and cannot wait to finish it next week!


This week for Critical thinking we are learning about the jobs and responsibility of a veterinarian (a vet). We watched videos of different vets and discussed their jobs as well as the tools they need to help different types of animals. In addition, we also explored where vets work such as at the clinics, hospitals or even in the zoos. We looked at where vets look after smaller animals (such as pets) as well as bigger zoo or jungle animals too. Then we used our creative minds to design our own pets and imagined which kind of treatment is most beneficial for our pets if they were “sick”, “injured” or just for a “checkup”. After that, we did some role-playing where one student was the “vet” and the other student was the “patient with the animal that required help”.

We had to practice using structured sentences to ask and recall the symptoms as well as offering treatments. Tools such as stethoscope, otoscope and other medical toy tools were offered for a more “surreal” experience. We definitely had an enjoyable time learning all about veterinarians.


Welcome back friends! This week has been a chilly one for our K3 friends!

After learning about Mountain rescuers and Coast guards, our friends began to understand and differentiate the two, most especially when it comes to the things that they use to help out the people in need. Our friends learned what these things are used for and why they are essential in rescuing people.

Then for Maths, after understanding addition and subtraction as an individual equation, our friends took the challenge of learning how to solve addition and subtraction in one equation! We definitely had fun figuring out the solution! After that, we took the time to review what we have learned the past couple of weeks!

Finally, our Physical Play, we tackled body conditioning with leg lifts and plank holds! It was nice to see every one perseveres in strengthening their bodies with these exercises!

And that's it for this week! Hope reading what our K3 friends were up to made you all warm and cozy inside! Stay warm everyone and we will see you all again next week!








1. 認識春天的天氣特徵和景象

2. 認識「花」的字形和字義

3. 認識農曆新年的由來










主題----「 農曆新年」


此外, 這幾週不斷持續練習動詞和名詞的組合搭配。另外還有時間、人物和地點的運用。小朋友的組織和表達能力也有所提升,句子內容變得更加詳盡。他們已能靈活運用老師提供的字詞去造句。


1)  能說出來年的生肖動物

2) 認識農曆新年的典故及不同的傳統習俗

3) 能組合名詞與動詞去創作句子


主題: 「農曆新年」 感受濃厚的節日氣氛








學習目的: 1)學習新年的由來和習俗 2)感受新年氣氛和體驗舞獅習俗


普通話兒歌 PN





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